4 Mar 2016

Aldo raves: 'Outstanding' Liverpool midfielder can be like 'unique' £130k-a-week Barcelona superstar. Agree?

This season, Lucas Leiva has put in several top-class performances at centre-back for Liverpool, and according to Anfield legend John Aldridge, the 'outstanding' Brazilian should now be considered as a viable, long-term solution at centre-half.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Aldo enthused:

"He [Lucas] an option now at centre back, for sure. Modern centre don't have to be 6ft 5in - look at Mascherano^ at Barcelona - but they need to read the game and be able to communicate. Lucas can do that, for sure".

Is there a case for Lucas to be converted into a full time central defender like the allegedly 'unique' Mascherano? Absolutely, and with Liverpool certain to sign another defensive midfield this summer, it may be his only chance for regular game time over the next 2-3 years.

I've made this point before, but it's amusing (and somewhat tragic) to note Lucas's gradual regression from attacker into defender.

Lucas arrived at Anfield as one of Brazil's most promising young attacking midfielders, but Liverpool have basically turned him into a creatively bereft workhorse.

Not many teams can lay claim to the dubious honour of converting an attacking Brazilian into a water-carrier, but that's precisely what's happened at LFC. All's well that ends well, though, right?

Not for me. There's just something inherently tragic about the deliberate suppression of creative instinct, and the concomitant failure to realise creative potential.

Over the last eight years, Lucas moved from attacking midfield, to defensive midfield, and now into central defence. If the natural regression continues, there's only one place left to go.

I hope he stays at the club, even if it is as a defender. Like Sami Hyypia, Lucas is humble, hard-working player who's and seemingly untouched by the vapid excesses of modern football.

Lucas represents everything good about the club, and the club need players like that to balance out the shallow greed and rampaging egotism of modern football.

* Reportedly on £130k-a-week.

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Author: Jaimie K


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