13 Feb 2016

Future transfer? 'Fantastic' £64m goal-machine confirms he 'only' wants to sign for 'Liverpool' in the Prem

Ex-Red Luis Suarez is currently tearing it up at Barcelona, and with 51 goals/assists already this season, the maestro is well on the way to achieving the best stats of his career. Reds fans still mourn the (inevitable) loss of Suarez, but in a new interview this week, the Uruguayan reiterated once again that a return to Anfield is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Suarez - hailed this week as 'fantastic' by Jamie Carragher - mused:

"if I had to return to the Premier League, I would only go to Liverpool. It wouldn't be a move for money. In the Premier League, you never know what is going to happen, and that is something I miss."

I'm sure Liverpool fans will take heart from Suarez's comments, but if you believe this, you'll believe anything.

In many cases, public comments by footballers are not worth the air into which they're uttered, and Suarez is no exception. For example:

* Mar 2014: Suarez enthused: "I want to stay, and playing in the Champions League isn’t dependent on that".

* May 2014: He told reporters: "I signed the contract because I love it here and I'm so happy here. If you're not happy here you don't sign any contract".

Fast forward two months later...

* Jul 2014: Suarez signs for Barcelona in a £64m deal.

* Feb 2015: Suarez contradicted his previous statement about the Champions League: "For me to come to Barcelona there had to be that opportunity to not just play [in the CL] but to win it".

I don't begrudge Suarez his move to Barcelona, but perhaps he should stop making promises that he can't (or won't) keep. If - as rumours suggest - Pep Guardiola wants him at Man City, then at some point, he'll probably end up at City.

Author: Jaimie K


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