6 Feb 2016

Confirmed Liverpool XI: Massive disappointment; Big bench surprise; Misfits start; Klopp dumps three academy youngsters

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has named another uninspiring starting line-up for today's Premier League clash with Sunderland, and the biggest news is that Klopp has decided to sh*tcan all the academy players who've played so well recently.

FULL TEAM: Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Sakho, Moreno, Henderson, Can, Allen, Lallana, Milner, Firmino.

SUBS: Ward, Toure, Benteke, Sturridge, Lucas, Ibe, Flanagan.

SUNDERLAND: Mannone, Jones, van Aanholt, O’Shea, Kone, Kirchhoff, Cattermole, M’Vila, Khazri, Watmore Defoe.

* Nice to see Sturridge back on the bench, but what's the point? As per Klopp himself, he's only had three training sessions since being back with the team, and that's way off the ten sessions the manager decreed as the magic number for reintroduction the squad. Indeed, yesterday, Klopp reiterated: "What Daniel needs is consistent training, training, training."

* It seems like Klopp is either rushing Sturridge back and/or reacting to reports this week relating to Sturridge's alleged unhappiness. Neither is a good enough reason to bring him back.

* Can, Lallana, Sakho, and Moreno make the starting line-up yet again, despite their continued poor form. It just goes to show that there is no merit system at Anfield, and if he continues to select underperforming players, Klopp must take full responsibility for poor results. Rodgers cannot be blamed.

* No place on the subs bench for Teixeira, Smith, Brannagan, or Ojo? Bravo! What a great way to motivate the club's promising academy players! To add insult to injury, Flanagan, who's been injured for 18 months, gets into the match-day squad.

* Allen is finally in the starting line-up, so that's a good decision. It's up to him now to put in the performances to keep his place in the team.

* Liverpool have lost six of the last ten games with Sakho in the team (and conceded 18 goals) yet he still makes the team? Again, this is Klopp's call, and if Liverpool leak goals again, it'll be his fault.

* Caulker not even in the match-day squad?

Probable formation:

---------------- Mignolet
Clyne ------ Lovren -- Sakho ---- Moreno
------ Hendo ---- Can ---- Allen
---------- Lallana -- Milner
--------------- Firmino

Ugh. Still, Sunderland are in the relegation zone, and their entire team cost the same as Lallana and Lovren combined, so anything but a win is unacceptable.

Klopp misses the game through appendicitis, so it'll be interesting to see how the players respond in his absence.

Author: Jaimie K


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