17 Feb 2016

Klopp Confirms: £26m Liverpool attacker will miss Augsburg; 'outstanding' midfielder is 'back' and 'fit'

On Thursday, Liverpool face Augsburg in the Europa League, and ahead of the game, there's good news, and, well, more good news on the injury front.

Speaking to LFC TV ahead of the game, Jurgen Klopp confirmed:

“Lucas [Leiva] is back fit but not Adam [Lallana]^. He has no chance for Thursday's game".

Whilst I'd never wish an injury on any player, Lallana's ongoing absence is most definitely good news for Liverpool as it means the team can forge (and hopefully maintain) a new attacking identity without him.

Liverpool hammered Aston Villa 6-0 without Lallana, and although the Reds *should* be annihilating relegation fodder, it's fair to say that he wasn't missed at all.

Seriously, if Sturridge, Coutinho, Firmino, and Milner are all fit at the same time, there should be no room for Lallana in the first team.

Yes, I said Milner. I'm no great fan of his, but I *am* a fan of players who fulfill their primary role on a regular basis, and for me, that will always supersede my personal view of a player.

In Milner's case, he has eleven goals/assists for Liverpool so far this season (including four in his last five games), and he and Firmino combined have contributed 13 goals/assists so far this year (one every 43 minutes when playing together).

Based purely on merit, both Firmino and Milner deserve to be in the team ahead of Lallana, as does Coutinho, who has three goals/assists in two games since his return from injury.

Hopefully, Sturridge, Coutinho, and Firmino can stay fit for the rest of the seas and keep Lallana where he belongs: on the bench (ideally, alongside Emre Can).

As for 'outstanding' Lucas - perhaps Klopp will play him in defence again...?

^ Cost: £26m

Author: Jaimie K


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