28 Feb 2016

Dump Him: Carragher blasts 'shocking' £18m Liverpool star and urges Klopp to sign replacement goalkeeper

Another day, another Simon Mignolet mistake, and with the club recently handing the Belgian goalkeeper a fat new contract reportedly worth £18.7m over 5-years] the situation is now entering the realms of parody. It seems everyone but Jurgen Klopp (and Brendan Rodgers) can see that Mignolet is the weakest link in Liverpool's defence, and Reds legend Jamie Carragher has now broken ranks and very publicly called for Klopp to dump the Belgian at the end of the season.

Speaking to Sky Sports after Liverpool's League Cup defeat to Manchester City, Carra scathed:

“[Mignolet] may have signed a five-year deal, but that [the Man City goal] is shocking. You can't score from there. He has made some good saves today, but...going forward...Jurgen Klopp has to change [Mignolet] in the summer".

I (and many others fans, I'm sure), have argued for almost two years that Liverpool need a new number-one goalkeeper; the allegedly 'brilliant' Mignolet will have periods of good form (which create a false sense of security) but he will always let the team down, and relying on him is a mistake.

Blind faith and/or over-reliance on underperforming players cost Brendan Rodgers his job, and it if Klopp continues in the same manner (with Mignolet, Lallana, Can, etc), he will ultimately suffer the same fate.

Klopp's misguided faith in Mignolet has already cost Liverpool many times this season, and the League Cup final is just the latest example. Granted, Mignolet redeemed himself somewhat against Man City with several superb saves but the damage was already done.

Klopp needs to be ruthless this summer, and that means leaving sentiment at the door and replacing Mignolet at the earliest opportunity. The problem is, with his Rodgers-esque attempts to brainwash the fanbase into thinking that Mignolet is a world-beater, Klopp has made a rod for his own back, and the new 5-year deal has exacerbated the situation.

It's simple: If Klopp goes into 2016-17 with Mignolet as number-one goalkeeper, then it will show that he has learned absolutely nothing from this season. Consequently, Klopp will deserve all the criticism that comes his way when the Reds inevitably suffer as a result of regular goalkeeping mistakes.

Author: Jaimie K


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