10 Feb 2016

Transfer Update: 'Extraordinary' £45m striker could end up at Liverpool this summer after loan failure

Mario Balotelli's career continues to go down the pan, and despite his allegedly 'extraordinary attitude' at Milan, new reports this week suggest that the beleaguered Italian striker will return to Anfield this summer.

According to The Independent:

"Liverpool do not expect AC Milan to sign Mario Balotelli on a permanent basis. Milan are growing tired of Balotelli...and are increasingly unlikely to extend his stay before the rest of the campaign".

I've defended Balotelli in the past, and maintain that view that Brendan Rodgers utterly failed to utilise him in the right manner (i.e. constantly playing him as a lone striker).

However, Balotelli - who, according to his deluded agent, is worth £45m - is (or should be) finished at Liverpool, and there's simply no way that the Italian will thrive in Klopp's Gegenpressing system.

The headless chickenry of high intensity pressing/endless running is clearly not Balotelli's game, and it's futile to expect him to excel in such a system.

As such, I personally don't want to see Liverpool waste any more time with the allegedly 'extraordinaryBalotelli.

The message should be clear: leave, or face being a perennial substitute. Obviously, if Balotelli returns and then plays well from the bench, then he should be subject to the merit system like anyone else, but I can't see that happening.

Liverpool's next striker (purchased or otherwise) *must* be quick, mobile, and skillful, with a side order of superb movement. In other words, a clone of Daniel Sturridge. Any striker outside that template will inevitably end up being a waste of money.

Just like Balotelli.

Author: Jaimie K


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