19 Jan 2016

Done Deal: Liverpool sign 'brilliant' international star on long-term £18m deal; Klopp confirms contract

The dispiriting acceptance of mediocrity at Anfield continues! Despite being the most error-prone player in the Premier League over the last three seasons (goalkeeper or outfield player), Simon Mignolet has been handed a fat new contract [reportedly worth £18.7m over 5-years] as a reward for his regular goal-creating mistakes. Nice work if you can get it!

On Monday, Liverpool FC posted the following statement:

"Liverpool can confirm that Simon Mignolet has signed a contract extension with the club".

The BBC filled in the details:

"Mignolet has signed a new five-year contract to the end of the 2020-21 season".

As usual, there is a spectacular disconnect between the club and the fanbase, many of whom twigged months go - or even years ago - that Mignolet is a liability.

The only saving grace about this deal is that it may lead to Liverpool receiving a bigger transfer fee if/when Mignolet is sold.

Outside that, it's a catastrophe for the Reds' defensive stability, and no amount of intelligence-insulting spin is going to change the fact (arguably proven over the last three years) that Mignolet simply isn't good enough to be Liverpool's long-term number-one.

The thing that gets my goat is Klopp's Rodgers-esque attempts to brainwash the fanbase into thinking that the allegedly 'brilliant' Mignolet is a world-beater:

* 1st Dec: A few days after his mistake against Bordeaux (which cost Liverpool a goal), Klopp raved: "I'm absolutely satisfied with our goalkeeper situation. Mignolet is one of the smartest goalkeepers I've ever had. There is nothing to criticise, absolutely nothing."

* 14 Jan: After his mistakes in the 3-3 draw with Arsenal, Klopp blamed the defence: "There were a lot of mistakes before [the second goal]. We have to defend this better."

* 19 Jan: After Mignolet signed his new deal, Klopp enthused: "As a package for us Simon Mignolet is perfect. He gives the whole team a good feeling when he is in the starting line up and that’s really important".

Klopp's biggest insult to the intelligence of fans came in a separate comment today, but I'll be focusing on that in a different article.

I've argued for almost 2 years that Liverpool need to get rid of Mignolet, and my view remains the same. The Belgian will have periods of good form, but he will always let the team down with mistakes, and that is being proven again this season

Well, Klopp has well and truly made his bed, and like Rodgers before him, he will suffer the consequences, for which he will only have himself to blame.

Author: Jaimie K


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