4 Jan 2016

Confirmed: Excited starlet wants to 'play' for 'Liverpool' and transfer to 'Anfield' is his 'greatest desire'

Over the years, many players have publicly revealed their dream of playing for Liverpool, and with the transfer window now open, Heerenveen defender Vanja Drkusic has confirmed that a transfer to Anfield is his long-term ambition.

Speaking to Zurnal 24 over the weekend, Drkusic enthused:

"My greatest desire is to play at Anfield, in the the shirt of Liverpool, where my preference lies. That would be a great honor, just as it would be to play for the Slovenian national team. "

Hmmm. Lofty ambitions for a 16 year old who hasn't yet played a single competitive game for any club (!)

Plus, Drkusic only recently signed for Heerenveen, so I doubt his new club will too impressed with the youngster planning his next move so soon.

According to his agent, Drkusic 'is a guy with a big heart and big talent', who 'always gives everything', a quality that is arguably missing from the rabble of players currently representing Liverpool.

If the Reds end up signing Drkusic at some point, let's hope he turns out to be more successful than Oussama Assaidi, who signed from Heerenveen during Brendan Rodgers' ill-fated reign (!)

A word of advice for Drkusic: If you want to make your dream a reality, DO NOT sign for Liverpool as a teenager, and DO NOT, at any point, join the Academy. If the offer comes, it may sound enticing, but in the entire history of LFC, no non-British defender has ever made it through the Academy to become a first-team regular.

It's better to follow the Agger/Skrtel/Hyypia/Henchoz route: Establish yourself elsewhere, and if the opportunity arises, sign for the Reds in your early to mid-20s, an age at which non-British defenders often thrive at Anfield.

Anything other than that, and it's your funeral.

Author: Jaimie K


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