8 Dec 2015

Anfield Disaster: Bad News for Liverpool as 'amazing' £18m star suffers new injury after Newcastle debacle

After 'recovering' from a recent foot injury, Liverpool fans were hoping that perennial sicknote Daniel Sturridge might be capable of remaining fit for more than one consecutive game, and despite the £18m-rated striker's horrific injury history, some poor, deluded souls actually allowed themselves to believe in this magical possibility. Well, reality bites, and it looks increasingly like 'amazing' Sturridge is set for another spell on the sidelines.

According to the Daily Express:

"Daniel Sturridge is is facing another lay-off for Liverpool. Concerns are growing that the striker suffered a problem with his hamstring in the defeat to Newcastle at the weekend".

5-Times - The former Liverpool Players' Association - also tweeted:

"Looks like Sturridge has an injury on his hamstring".

If this is true, then it's absolutely no surprise whatsoever. Since arriving at Liverpool in January 2013, Sturridge has suffered ELEVEN separate injuries:

* OCT 2015: Knee

* APR 2015: Hip

* NOV 2014: Hamstring

* SEP 2014: Thigh

* AUG 2014: Hamstring

* APR 2014: Hamstring

* NOV 2013: Ankle Ligaments

* SEP 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury

* MAY 2013: Ankle Ligaments

* FEB 2013: Hamstring

* FEB 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury

* TOTAL: 379 days (13 months) on the sidelines (67 games missed)

* 45% of his time at Anfield on the injury list (assuming 2x10 month seasons; 5 months in 2012-13, and 3 months this season)

* On average: misses 25 games every season.

With this kind of injury history, it's doubtful that Sturridge will ever be able to retain full-fitness for an extended period of time, and it won't surprise me in the slightest to see him forced into early retirement at some stage.

Before the start of the season, I argued that Liverpool need to forget about Sturridge, and proceed as if he's not at the club. I maintain that view: even if he (miraculously) gets fit, and plays 5 or 6 games in a row, the club should still be looking to replace Sturridge.

There's no room for sentiment, and the sad truth is that Sturridge will never be reliable. His body just isn't up to it, and the sooner Liverpool replace him (with a similarly prolific/mobile striker), the better it'll be for the stability of the team.

There's no need to worry, though. With Sturridge out, Liverpool still have the likes of Lallana, Milner, Can, Ibe, and Firmino to pick up the goalscoring slack.

Oh wait...

Author: Jaimie K


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