31 Dec 2015

Anfield-bound: 'Dynamic' attacker who idolises Ronaldo is heading to Liverpool after Klopp agrees loan cancellation

Who will Liverpool sign in January? Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has repeatedly claimed that he's not interested in doing business in the upcoming transfer window, but new reports today suggest there is at least one player who will arrive at the club next month.

According to The Telegraph today:

"Liverpool will recall Ryan Kent from his loan spell [in January]. Klopp has been assessing if he is capable of making an immediate step up to the Premier League [and plans to] fast-track him into the senior side".

After signing Kent on loan over the summer, Coventry boss Tony Mowbray enthused:

“He [Kent] is my type of footballer. He can handle the ball, play off both feet, travel with the ball and play anywhere behind that main striker, so it makes sense".

Kent's description on the official LFC website:

"A dynamic winger who can play on the left or right side, Kent loves to take on defenders and cause endless problems for the opposition".

Since his summer move, Kent - who idolises Ronaldinho and Steven Gerrard - has contributed one goal/one assist in 16 games, which, to be fair, is hardly earth-shattering.

Steve McManaman certainly thinks that Kent is destined for great things. In May, he told the Liverpool Echo:

“Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson, when they attack players, they’re very, very confident and they’re playing very well. I think they’ve come on leaps and bounds this year, I’m really impressed. If anything they’re over-achieving".

I don't see the point in recalling Kent unless he's definitely going to get game time, and with Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana, and Ibe in the squad, that's unlikely to happen (IMO). Kent is a regular at Coventry, so he's better off staying there than rotting away on the bench at Anfield.

On the subject of loan spells: Joao Teixeira should request a January loan spell and/or transfer away. He's obviously unappreciated at Liverpool, and he's just wasting his career waiting for a chance at Anfield.

I've illustrated over and over again (with facts, and objective evidence), why Teixeira deserves a run in the first team, yet Rodgers, and now Klopp, continue to prefer the utter failure that is Adam Lallana, who hasn't scored a league goal since December 29th 2014.

What's the point in hanging around. Teixeira will be 23 soon (!) A footballer's career is brief, and he should be playing regularly somewhere, not watching from the sidelines as inferior players run around like headless chickens.

Author: Jaimie K


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