7 Dec 2015

Redknapp raves: 'Magic' attacker Liverpool wanted under Rodgers is now worth '£20m'. Sign?

Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp has hailed 'magic' Stoke winger Marko Arnautovic, and claimed that Austrian attacker is now worth £20m in the transfer market.

In April, Liverpool were linked with a summer move for Arnautovic, and after his two goals against Man City over the weekend, Redknapp believes that one of the Premier League's top clubs will be in for him in January. He told the Daily Mail:

"He [Arnautovic] is the whole package now in terms of defending, attacking and goals. If a top-four club were going to take anyone in January, it would be Arnautovic. Stoke bought him for £2million but you can put a zero on that now".

£20m? You're having a laugh. If he was English, then the extortinate premium attached to buying British players may push his fee to that level, but I can't see any top Premier club paying that kind of money for Arnautovic. Stats for Stoke:

* 34 goals/assists in 88 apps (Goal/assist every 190 mins).

* This season: 7 goals/assists in 18 apps (Goal/assist every 203 mins).

Compare this output with Andriy Yarmolenko, who has a £14.5 buyout clause:

* 182 goals/assists in 282 apps (Goal/assist every 123 mins)

* This season: 22 goals/assists in 21 apps (Goal/assist every 83 mins)

As the Newcastle debacle proved yet again, Liverpool need attacking midfielders capable of consistently scoring goals, but Arnautovic should not be in the conversation, especially when there are manifestly better options available.

If the Reds are to pay £20m+ for an attacking midfielder, that money should go a player like Yarmolenko, who has a long history of injury-free prolificity (i.e. 20-25 goals/assists every season for the last 6 years).

Author: Jaimie K


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