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1 Dec 2015

LK Prediction League: Games 20/21 (Bordeaux and Swansea) - League Tables

After three wins in a week for Liverpool, and it's points galore for the members of the LK Prediction League. After 2-month stint at the top of the table, Gilstrap has finally been deposed, and there are several new faces in the Premier League.


* PS: DAROVAR, Joey2771, patrick ferrell, DanDifiknow, Jensen Huddleston, SidLFC, Krismidt, flatjoe, The orange cat, Mr. Point Of View, lfcjai, vinnie, Vyshakh Surreal Rv, Spasssky, BEAST, Adamblfc

* CR1: Hawthorn, nX3lemZ, Great hair, Great hair, YoloToure11, wallacelallace, Jaimiek, DaBandit, StuartC, Italoscouser, Toni ¤ 911, Peter BIDsley, Stipe, DBM, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, Imoff, MICK THE RED, PhillyRed YNWA, Livi, Dave, Kwaku Affum, KloppSpunk, Glen, Dips, Bruce G, FdotM, Ronny, RedMaximus, Francisco Mambela, roncalifornia, Coodakay, GogesusSS4, Greg, Weiz, vvlfc, Donkey Kong, Peter_Maxwell, Linu, Case, LFCNYC74, Ahverruz Maritz, Not You, Y.O., Syed Faraaz

* CR2: Nicolas Chamberlain, SGMM, SteveM, NonEventHorizon, Lord Zeus, scotthardy, Lady.B.bird x

* First Goalscorer [20 Bonus Points]: Gagan Jit Singh Saini, Mr. Point Of View

* Shots on Target [20 Bonus Points]: No one got this right (Correct answer: 4)


* PS: Toni ¤ 911

* CR1: Chirag Vyas, vvlfc, scotthardy, fkpoh, Demon Knight, Kibur Semachew, Weiz, LFCNYC74, scotthardy, Peter BIDsley, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, romper

* CR2: tartan360, Hawthorn, tigger1703, Syed Faraaz, GogesusSS4, Great hair, SteveM, DaBandit, roncalifornia, The orange cat, Livi, Razen, Funkdoc, Spasssky, RedMaximus, Mr. Point Of View, nX3lemZ, Blood Red, Coodakay, Peter_Maxwell, Ahverruz Maritz, roncalifornia, DanDifiknow, adamblfc, A__W, Francisco Mambela, patrick ferrell, Dips, US_red, Italoscouser, davemulligano, Glen, Case, Donkey Kong, SidLFC, Joe, Loganlfc, Krismidt, Lord Zeus, Tambel

* First Goalscorer [20 Bonus Points]: Razen, LFCNYC74, Lady.B.birdx

* First LFC Player Subbed [30 Bonus Points]: Great hair, Sav, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, roncalifornia, Livi, Funkdoc, Demon Knight, nX3lemZ, Coodakay, Kibur Semachew, roncalifornia, Weiz, KloppSpunk, Francisco Mambela, Lady.B.bird x, Dips, US_red, Italoscouser, Ronny, Peter BIDsley, Lord Zeus, Tambel

Team Passing Accuracy [40 Bonus Points]: Jaimiek Hawthorn, Imoff, DaBandit, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, Vinnie, Krismidt, BEAST

Sturridge 50-point Bonus

* Vinnie, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, Dips.

The phrasing in the article pertaining to the bonus wasn't 100% clear, so in the interests of fairness, anyone who predicted one/zero games received the bonus.


* For the Bordeaux game, I changed my prediction from 3-1 to 2-1 prior to kickoff, but I've attributed myself a CR1 (not a PS) as there's no timestamp to show when the article was edited. In future, I'll post edits to my predictions in the comment section, where every post carries a timestamp.


If you spot any errors/omissions etc, please leave a comment below. If you're unsure of the rules and/or want a refresher, please go HERE.








Author: Jaimie K


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