20 Dec 2015

'It's His Fault': Angry legend slates 'amazing' £10m Liverpool star and claims he 'has no vision'

What a horror show. In terms of performance level, Liverpool's 3-0 defeat to Watford today is almost as bad as the abominable 6-1 embarrassment at Stoke City, and just like at the Brittania Stadum, Liverpool's midfielders - especially Emre Can - abjectly failed to get a grip on the game. I've argued for months that Can is an average player, and Reds legend Jimmy Case seems to agree.

In the 84th minute, Can gave the ball away in midfield, which ultimately led to Watford's third goal (though, to be fair, the goal still could've been avoided if Liverpool's ragged defence actually did its job properly).

Reacting to Can's performance, Case - who won THREE European Cups during his time at Anfield - raged:

"It was Can's fault yet again - he lost possession in the build up to the goal and he nearly cost Liverpool earlier.

"He went racing over like a bull in a china shop. I don't understand what he does in the middle. He doesn't dominate, he doesn't pass well and he has no vision.”

I've argued these points all season, and maybe some of those fans who've endless shouted me down may now see the the reality, which is this: Can is an average, huff-and-puff player who often fails to dominate in midfield, and rarely offer genuine creativity or end product in the final third.

When he keeps it simple, Can is an effective recycler of possession, but unfortunately, he's a legend in his own mind, and he constantly attempts ill-advised Hollywood long-balls/pointless tricks, which often leads to loss of possession.

Can just doesn't have the required game intelligence to be an effective box-to-box midfielder. He's a battering ram, and he lacks the creative nuance and refinement to be a game-changer for Liverpool.

Sky Sports Germany pundit (and ex-Footballer) Jan Aage Fjortoft called it back in June 2014, when he warned:

"I don't think he [Can] is a good signing. He's an average player in Germany. I can't see that he will improve LFC".

Fjortoft is right: Can - ludicrously described as 'amazing' by Kolo Toure - has not improved Liverpool. Right now, the team is regressing, and recent performances are on a par (if not worse) than those delivered during the dying throes of Brendan Rodgers' reign.

Can should be a squad player, and when he plays, it should be as a defensive-midfielder, with explicit instructions to keep it simple. No back-heels, Hollywood passes, or cut flicks - just keep the ball moving, and retain possession wherever possible.

I can't stomach the possibility that Emre Can is going to be Liverpool's midfield lynchpin for the next 5-7 years. It's a terrifying thought, as is the idea that Adam Lallana will continue to be given chance after chance in the first team.

Author: Jaimie K


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