21 Dec 2015

Carra raves: 'Fantastic' £29m attacker wanted by Liverpool is like 'Lionel Messi'. Sign?

With 20 goals/assists already this season, Leicester City star (and alleged Liverpool target) Riyadh Mahrez is taking the Premier League by storm, and according to Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, the 24-year old attacker has similar traits to one of the world's best players.

In his column for the Daily Mail over the weekend, Carra raved:

"The fact Mahrez cost £500,000 is a fantastic success story. What he did [against Chelsea] was reminiscent of Lionel Messi over the years, cutting in from the right on to his left foot".

Between them, Vardy and Mahrez have 40 goals/assists between them already this season (a Sturridge/Suarez rate of prolificity), and they're making an absolute mockery of Liverpool's alleged attacking midfielders.

Take Mahrez, for example: at £500k, he cost £25.5m LESS than Adam Lallana, whose absolutely pitiful league contribution this season is ZERO goals and 2 assists in almost 15 hours of football.The irony is that Mahrez is not reportedly worth £29m, which (IMO) is about £25.5m more than Lallana's current worth.

It just doesn't compute. Why is that players like Mahrez, Ayew, Payet etc can make such a huge impact for their respective teams, but Lallana - who has more experience of English football - repeatedly fails to contribute? Mentality is a huge issue; Lallana is simply too weak of mind to make it at any club bigger than Southampton, and he's proven that at Anfield.

I've highlighted specific examples of Lallana's small club mentality many times in the past, and he just doesn't have the character or the self-confidence to dominate at the highest level. Lallana is a passenger, and when the going gets tough, he cannot be relied upon.

Players like Mahrez, Payet, Ayew et al have swagger, self-belief, and a touch of arrogance to their game. Like Luis Suarez, they know they're good, and they believe it, which gives them the confidence to perform at a consistently high level. Sturridge is the only player at Anfield who has the same kind of on-field arrogance/self-belief, and it shows in his prodigious goalscoring record for the club.

Both Vardy and Mahrez are (predictably) linked with transfers to Liverpool, and for the right price, both would be great additions to the squad. That said, I'd prefer to seem stay at Leicester, and fire the club to the Premier League title.

What a glorious and anarchic possibility.

If Leicester win the league, it'll send shockwaves through the English game, but best of all, it'll represent a giant f**k you to the so-called 'big clubs', and to the characterless cabal of metrosexually meek, grossly overpaid Millenials masquerading as players (like Lallana, for example), who continually fail to justify their obscene wages, and ludicrous price tags.

Go Leicester! (Except on Boxing Day, of course!)

Author: Jaimie K


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