1 Dec 2015

'I Want to Play': Forgotten man desperate to replace 'fantastic' £60k-a-week Liverpool star

Since arriving in the summer, Adam Bogdan has made just two appearances for Liverpool, and despite Simon Mignolet's regular mistakes, he continues to be overlooked for Premier League games. The League Cup continues to be Bogdan's best hope of game time this season, and after his penalty heroics in the last round, the Hungarian 'stopper is surely nailed-on to start Wednesday's quarter-final with Southampton.

Bogdan is certainly hoping to start the game, and in an interview with the Liverpool Echo on Monday, he also made it clear that he's desperate to replace Mignolet as Liverpool's first-choice 'keeper:

“I want to play. I [didn't] come here just to sit around. I am competitive. I would like to challenge for that No.1 spot [but] It’s not going to help if I get angry. This [the League Cup] has been my competition this season, and I hope it continues".

Fighting talk! I like it, and this is exactly the attitude required of a 'back-up' goalkeeper. Bogdan can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Three heroic penalty saves against Carlisle in the last round suggests that he can, but the situation is out of his hands.

Bogdan can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Three top-class penalty saves against Carlisle last night suggests that he can, but if Klopp doesn't see him as a genuine long-term replacement for Mignolet, then he's likely to remain on the sidelines for the rest of the season.

In my view, Mignolet - diplomatically described by Bogdan as 'fantastic' - should've been dropped after his two calamitous errors during the Bordeaux game, one of which (the time-wasting free kick) led directly to a goal. Then, against Swansea, Mignolet got booked for...time-wasting, which shows that he didn't learn from his mistake (a regular feature of his game).

What exactly is the point of having a backup 'keeper if he's not utilised when the first-choice makes costly mistakes?

Bogdan should start on Wednesday, and if he plays well, he should (IMO) stay in the team for the next league match.

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Author: Jaimie K


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