21 Nov 2015

Redknapp: Klopp has a 'problem' with Sturridge today, and Liverpool will suffer if he plays with Benteke

Will Daniel Sturridge start today? It's three hour until Liverpool face Manchester City, and that remains the big question of the day, but according to ex-Red Jamie Redknapp, Jurgen Klopp has a major Sturridge-related dilemma to solve.

According to Jan Molby this week, Klopp's best option it to start Benteke and Sturridge up-front together, but according to Redknapp, that a big 'problem' for Liverpool.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Redknapp explained:

"The danger of starting Sturridge alongside Christian Benteke is that Man City could overwhelm them in midfield. Jurgen Klopp will be aware of that and probably start Sturridge on the bench, but what a brilliant sub to have".

I agree with Redknapp here. Additionally, Sturridge and Benteke are not built to press for 90 minutes and/or constantly track back, so that will leave Liverpool even more exposed.

In any event, I don't want to see Liverpool's strikers running around like headless chickens, and tiring themselves out/risking injury with excessive defensive duty.

Benteke and Sturridge should just focus on scoring/creating goals, and let the midfielders do the donkey work.

Liverpool can get away with ONE striker taking this approach, but not two.

If Klopp decides to go with two up-front, then he'll probably go with a 4312 formation, and pack the midfield with runners:

--------------- Mignolet
Clyne ---- Skrtel -- Lovren --- Moreno
------ Milner - Lucas -- Can
-------------- Coutino
------- Sturridge - Benteke

Another option:

--------------- Mignolet
Clyne ---- Skrtel -- Lovren --- Moreno
------------ Lucas - Can
----- Milner - Coutino - Sturridge
-------------- Benteke

This involves Sturridge playing out of position, though, and will require him to play a more physical game, which - given his injury worries - is not ideal.

I can't see Klopp taking this approach. Playing Benteke and Sturridge together unbalances the the team, and the only way it can really work is if he changes formation to a Rodgers-esque 343, or 352 (doubtful).

For the foreseeable future, Sturridge should (IMO) be used as an impact sub only, and that includes today's game.

Author: Jaimie K


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