24 Nov 2015

Double-Boost: 'Liverpool' reveal great news about 'sensational' attacker; £25m LFC star confirms injury breakthrough

With Daniel Sturridge on the brink of a return, and Roberto Firmino sustaining his fitness, things are finally starting to look a little more positive on the injury front, and it looks like another of Liverpool's key players is on the verge of making a comeback.

When asked on Monday about his recovery, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson told Sky Sports:

"I'm getting there. This is one of the longest periods of time I've been out. I'm not too far away now".

There's also positive news about 'sensational' attacker Philippe Coutinho:

"Liverpool have told Sky Sports that he [Coutinho] could recover in time for Swansea".

A double-dose of good news! The question is, who will make way for £25m-rated Henderson? According to ex-Red Neil Mellor:

"Emre Can’s place could be most at risk when he [Henderson] is back fit".

I know this will come as a big surprise to many, but rather shockingly, I agree that Can is the obvious choice to make way:

* Under Klopp, Lucas is one Liverpool's most effective players, and he performs a very specific (and important) role in the team. Can is not a DM, and he shouldn't be shoehorned into the role at the expense of Lucas, who is a dedicated DM.

* I'm no fan of James Friggin' Milner, but given the choice, I'd rather have him in midfield than Can. Milner is more experienced; has better passing accuracy in the final third; scores/creates more goals, and creates significantly more chances (27 vs. 13)

Possible line-up with Hendo back (using currently available players, and Klopp's 4321 formation):

--------------- Mignolet
Clyne ---- Skrtel -- Lovren ---- Moreno
------- Hendo - Lucas - Milner
---------- Firmino - Coutinho
-------------- Sturridge

That said, if Klopp sticks with Firmino up-front, then it's possible to include Can and Hendo in the same team:

--------------- Mignolet
Clyne ---- Skrtel -- Lovren ---- Moreno
------- Hendo - Lucas - Can
---------- Milner - Coutinho
-------------- Firmino

And yes, I'd rather have Milner in the team than Lallana (for the same reasons cited above), but to be honest, it's like having to decide between having a broken arm and a broken leg.

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Author: Jaimie K


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