6 Nov 2015

Anfield Shocker: Didi Hamann urges Liverpool to block 'world class' £3m-a-year superstar from training at Melwood

Last season, Reds legend Dietmar Hamann expressed reservations about the possibility of Steven Gerrard returning to Anfield, and with speculation currently swirling around a possible winter loan deal, Hamann has once again argued that a Gerrard return in any capacity is a mistake.

In May, Hamann tweeted:

"No [Gerrard should not return on loan]. I don't think it would be a good idea. Time to move on"

In his pre-Rubin Kazan press conference on Wednesday, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Gerrard is welcome to train with the team:

"If he [Gerrard] wants to train that is absolutely no problem. He is an LFC legend and our doors are always open".

Hamann doesn't agree, and in his column for 5-Times this week, he again argued that it's a mistake for Gerrard to return, and he also went one further and questioned the wisdom of allowing him to train with the team:

“I’m not sure even training with them [Liverpool] is a good idea. If a midfielder gets injured, the first question will be: ‘Are you going to give him a contract?. The last thing [Klopp] needs is constant speculation about what’s going to happen"

This is a bold statement from Hamann, and he risks alienating over-emotional fans who believe that 'world-class' Gerrard is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

However, after everything Gerrard has done for the club, training with the team is the least the club can offer, especially when he's still a professional footballer, and needs to stay in shape.

Who cares about media speculation? That's part and parcel of football, and Klopp is strong enough to brush it off whenever it arises (as he's already proven on many occasions).

Gerrard is the consummate professional, and there are only benefits to be gained from having him on the training ground.

I see no downside to having Gerrard train with the team.

Author: Jaimie K


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