21 Nov 2015

Trouble Ahead? Klopp reveals Coutinho 'injury' details and confirms the issue may be 'cramp'

Adam Lallana's abject failure to make any creative impact aside, the only negative from today's superb 4-1 victory over Manchester City is the unfortunate injury to Reds attacker Philippe Coutinho, but according to Jurgen Klopp, the issue may not be as serious as it looked.

Coutinho went down clutching the back of his left, which is usually a surefire sign of a hamstring injury, but when asked about the issue after the game, Klopp told reporters:

"I hope he [Coutinho] is well enough. He showed not a real injury, it was a little bit of cramp, he felt something. I hope that's all, he will be very important for us, everybody can see he's in really good shape in this moment. I hope he can react well enough."

Cramp? That seems like wishful thinking to me :-)

Lovren went down with cramp in the second half of the game, and he stayed on the field.

I'd imagine that Coutinho will have a precautionary scan. and that will probably reveal some form of hamstring issue.

If it turns out to be a hamstring injury, then Coutinho will probably be out for a minimum of 3-weeks, which will (unfortunately) disrupt the creative momentum he's built over the last few games.

Coutinho's recent form:

* Aug 17-Oct 25th: 12 games without a goal.

* Last 3 Games: 4 goals/1 assist (Goal/assist every 54 minutes).

I personally couldn't care less how much Coutinho runs, presses, or defends. His primary role is to score/creating goals, and as long as he keeps doing that, no one - including me - can have any complaints.

Losing Coutinho will be a blow for the Reds, but, in theory, there is (in theory) enough quality in the squad to cover his absence.

Author: Jaimie K


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