10 Oct 2015

Confirmation? Werner reveals the truth about Liverpool's £80m summer-spree. Benteke/Firmino etc 'recommended' by Rodgers

Ex-Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has long maintained that he had final say on Liverpool transfers, but fans still insist on spreading the spurious myth that Liverpool's transfer committee signed players over his head. The rumour du jour is that Roberto Firmino is a committee signing, but Reds Chairman Tom Werner has blown that myth out of the water.

Along with fans, various media reports also continue to peddle unsubstantiated rumours about the transfer committee, but in an interview this week, Werner all but confirmed that Rodgers is responsible for this summer's transfer business:

“We gave Brendan as you know an opportunity to see if we could improve this season. There were some challenges with injuries. We brought in some new players that Brendan recommended that we thought would take us forward".

'New players that Brendan recommended' - given the players signed this summer, it seems likely (to me) that Rodgers recommended them all.

There's certainly no credible evidence to the contrary, and using the principle of Occum's Razor (i.e. the simplest answer is often correct), it's more likely that Rodgers - who has *twice* confirmed that no player is signed or pursued without his say-so - was the driving forced behind signing Benteke, Firmino, Milner et al.

Rodgers is often (rightly) criticised for his poor performance in the transfer market, but his overall transfer legacy may still turn out to be positive:

* Sturridge and Coutinho are bonafide transfer successes, and they're sure to be important players under Klopp.

* If Klopp puts his faith in Sakho, then the Frenchman may may yet turn out to be a top-class signing.

* Clyne and Gomez are solid defenders, and given their age and ability, they're capable of being regulars for years to come.

* Benteke and Firmino are top class players, and if utilised correctly, both can have a major impact for the club over the next few years.

Klopp will inevitably bring in his own players, but two years from now, it's conceivable that Sturridge, Coutinho, Sakho, Clyne, Gomez, Benteke, and Firmino will still be integral members of the first-team squad.

Rodgers has wasted an incredible amount of money at Liverpool, but if the aforementioned players stay in the team, and help Liverpool win the league, then he'll be due a small measure of credit, just like Houllier, whose signings helped the the club win the Champions League.

Author: Jaimie K


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