25 Oct 2015

Surprise transfer: Liverpool keen to sign 'inspirational' £15m goal-machine who's outscoring Ronaldo/Ibrahimovic

Over the last five years, Liverpool have wasted tens of millions of pounds on average, overpriced British players, and despite the recent departure of Brendan Rodgers, it appears that this frustrating policy is set to continue.

According to ESPN today:

"Liverpool and Tottenham are keeping a close eye on Leicester City's in-form striker Jamie Vardy, sources have told ESPN FC".

This is probably the most predictable transfer rumour of the season. Whenever a British player does well, Liverpool seem to be linked with a transfer, and it was just a matter of time before the media two and two together and £15m-rated Vardy with a move to Anfield.

Some info about 28-year old Vardy, described this week as an 'inspiration' by Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri:

* Second season in the Premier League. Non-league player until 2012.

* This season: 10 goals/2 assists in 10 games for Leicester (1.2 goals/assists per game)

* One of Europe's top league goalscorers this season, and is outscoring the likes of Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and Cavani.

* Last season: 5 goals/10 assists in 36 apps (Goal/assist every 2.4 games)

* Leicester total: 36 goals/27 assists in 116 games (Goal/assist every 1.8 games)

If Liverpool are genuinely considering a move for Vardy, then it shows that the club has learned absolutely nothing from it's failed transfer policy over the last five years.

There are obvious parallels here with Lallana and Lambert:

* Both were in the Championship a couple of years before signing for Liverpool.

* Both achieved good goals/assists records for a smaller Premier League club.

* With 183 goals/assists in 229 games, Lambert in particular had a stunning career record before moving to Anfield.

* Both struggled to adapt to the pressure and expectation of playing for Liverpool, with small club mentality arguably to blame for Lambert's failure, and Lallana's ongoing inability to score/create goals regularly.

It's great that Vardy is carving out a career for himself at the top evel, but Liverpool should not go near him with a barge pole, especially for £15m.

No more overpriced British players! That's one thing that needs to change, and if that policy continues under Jurgen Klopp, then it doesn't bode well for the future.

Author: Jaimie K


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