6 Oct 2015

Contact Made: After Klopp, Liverpool approach 'world-class' £75k-a-week superstar who wants Anfield 'opportunity'

Liverpool are expected to appoint a new manager this week, and the current favourites remain Jurgen Klopp, and Carlo Ancelotti. A new manager inevitably means changes to the coaching set-up, and new reports suggest that one of the Reds' greatest ever players is in the frame for a shock return to Anfield.

According to TalkSport pundit (and ex-Red) Stan Collymore::

"Steven Gerrard has been sounded out to be a part of the new manager’s set up".

'World-class' Gerrard definitely wants a return to Anfield at some point, and he confirmed his in May, when he told The Guardian:

“I hope to get the opportunity to come back and serve the club again one day. I feel that I can make a contribution in some role in the future.”

That's all well and good, but Gerrard returning to assist Klopp, or Ancelotti? This is (surely) wishful thinking in the extreme:

* Gerrard has just moved his family to the USA, and after such a huge undertaking, it'll be unfair (and arguably selfish) to put his family through the stress of another transatlantic relocation.

* Gerrard is only three months into an 18-month contract, and if he jumps ship now, it will arguably tarnish his reputation.

* LA Galaxy don't have to let Gerrard leave; the club can force him to see out his contract, and if the former Liverpool captain kicks up a fuss, then it'll reflect badly on him, not Galaxy.

* Prior to his move to LA, Gerrard claimed that he wants to 'keep playing every week in the final few years' of his career, but returning to Liverpool now will almost certainly mean the end of his playing career.

* Is Gerrard willing to end his days as a player when he obviously still has so much to offer? Doubtful.

Anything is possible in football, and money talks, but in my view, Gerrard should see out his contract at Galaxy, and forget about returning to Liverpool right now.

If the Reds are to appoint to an ex-player to assist Klopp, then there are plenty of excellent candidates available, including Jamie Carragher, Robbie Fowler, Dietmar Hamann, and, of course, Gary McAllister, who is already at the club.

Right now, Liverpool can survive without Gerrard, but he loves playing the role of Liverpool's saviour, and if offered, the opportunity may be hard to resist.

Gerrard - who earns £75k-a-week at LA Galaxy - only has one playing career, and that is much shorter that the (potentially) long coaching/managerial career ahead. As such, if he stops playing now to answer Liverpool's SOS, he'll probably regret it in the future.

Author: Jaimie K


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