15 Oct 2015

Klopp's lineup vs. Spurs: Brazilian dropped? 'New Deco' starting? Double injury shocker; surprise start for Rossiter? (PREDICTION LEAGUE)

After months of turgid football under Brendan Rodgers, it's all change at Liverpool, and with Jurgen Klopp at the helm, the fervent hope amongst fans is that the German will usher in a new era of prosperity at Anfield. That may happen in time, but first things's first though: performances need to improve, and with any luck, that will start against Spurs on Saturday.

Pre-match news:

* Klopp confirmed today that Benteke, and Firmino will definitely miss the game.

* Henderson and Flanagan also remain on the sidelines.

* Gomez has an anterior cruciate ligament injury, so it's game over for him this season.

* According to The Guardian today: "Ings twisted his knee during his first training session with Klopp, and tests [show] that he has ruptured his cruciate ligaments, meaning he will be out for a minimum of six months".

What nightmare for Ings and Gomez, two of Liverpool's leading lights so far this season. Both will probably miss the rest of the season, and in Ings' case, it could seriously damage his ability to become a long-term regular at Anfield. That's another article, though.

On the plus side, all the injuries make Klopp's team selection relatively straightforward, and I expect to see one of the following teams:

------------------ Mignolet
Clyne ------- Skrtel --- Sakho --- Moreno
---------------- Can -- Milner
---- Ibe --------- Coutinho ------ Lallana
----------------- Sturridge

Klopp may also spring a surprise and start Rossiter and Origi:

------------------ Mignolet
Clyne ------- Skrtel --- Sakho --- Moreno
------------ Rossiter -- Milner
---- Ibe --------- Coutinho ------ Origi
----------------- Sturridge

Team I'd like to see:

------------------ Bogdan
Clyne ------- Skrtel --- Sakho --- Moreno
-------------- Lucas -- Rossiter
------ Teixeira - Coutinho - Ibe
----------------- Sturridge

With Benteke and Ings out injured, there will be heightened anxiety over Sturridge's ability to remain fit, and if he gets injured, the Reds will be left with Origi as the club's only senior striker *shudder*.

In his press conference today, Klopp claimed that he wants to see more 'bravery' from Liverpool's players, but with so many injuries, and the importance of getting a result, I expect to see an emphasis on defensive solidity, which is something the German has preached since his first press conference.


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My Prediction: 2-2

Author: Jaimie K


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