9 Oct 2015

Massive Boost: Klopp reveals Liverpool's 'transfer' strategy and confirms that he will sign players, not the committee

During his three years at Anfield, ex-Reds boss Brendan Rodgers had final say on transfers. Rodgers himself confirmed that on several occasions, as did Ian Ayre, and Tom Werner, yet that didn't stop some pigheaded fans from repeatedly spreading the spurious myth that the Transfer Committee signed players over the manager's head. There's absolutely zero evidence to support that contention, and it appears that Jurgen Klopp is operating under exactly the same conditions as Rodgers, i.e. he has final say on all transfer matters.

When asked today about how much control he'll have over transfers, Klopp made it explicitly clear that he is in charge. He told reporters:

"The only thing for me is to have the first and last word. I don’t want a player who doesn’t want to stay. Nobody will sell a player I want to work with, even if it’s a good deal. Nobody will transfer a player without my ‘yes’, so everything is OK".

So, to summarise:

* Klopp will have the 'first and last word' on transfers (i.e. he will decide who is pursued, and he will then decide which players are signed).

* No player will be sold over his head, or signed without his agreement.

Klopp's comments are an exact match for Rodgers' take on the transfer situation:

MAY 2013: Rodgers emphatically confirmed: “There is absolutely no way a player will come in here if I don’t want him. I will always be the first person it comes to. It’s very clear: anyone we sign will be because I want him here.”

MAY 2014: Rodgers reiterated: “I have the first call and the last call. That’s the call on whether he’s good enough to continue to look at and try to organise a deal and the last call to say yes or no. We will never bring in a player here who the manager doesn’t want in"..

Ian Ayre has also confirmed that the committee does sign players over the manager's head:

JUNE 2012: In a press conference, Ayre noted: "It's not signing by committee, it's 'analysis by committee'. It's certainly not a structure where we would force a player on the manager"

Now, Klopp is saying exactly the same thing, which shows a consistency of approach to Liverpool's transfer strategy. According to some fans, though, Rodgers constantly lied in public about the role of the transfer committee.

Is Klopp lying too?! Of course not. The very idea of it is complete nonsense.

Rodgers had final say on transfers, and decided who to pursue and who to buy. The same will apply with Klopp. End of story.

Author: Jaimie K


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