12 Oct 2015

£50m 'Superstar' to Anfield? Klopp reveals Liverpool's transfer 'aim' and confirms that signing Dortmund's 'stars' is a no-go

It's only four days into Jurgen Klopp's reign, and he's already being linked with a whole host of Dortmund players, with the most ridiculous rumour of the lot being an improbable link to 'superstar' striker Robert Lewandowski. Klopp is having none of it, though, and he's confirmed today that his immediate priority is to get the best out of the current squad.

Liverpool are currently linked with the likes of Neven Subotic, and Mats Hummels, and according to The Independent today:

"New Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is seeking a reunion with Bayern Munich's Polish striker Robert Lewandowski".

So, what are the chances of £50m Lewandowksi coming to Anfield?

When asked about today about Liverpool's alleged interest in Lewandowski and co, Klopp told German newspaper Bild:

“I have no intention whatsoever to lure Dortmund’s stars to Liverpool. We clearly have plenty of games left and we will be taking a look at our own players".

That's fair enough, but even if Klopp is planning to raid Dortmund, he's hardly going to admit that in public.

Klopp also revealed that he'd discussed transfers with Liverpool owner John. W Henry:

“I am not interested in how much money I will be allowed to spend in January. I had a long conversation with the owner and the aim is simply to play football with an identity".

Liverpool have a squad (and a youth team) filled with quality players, and it makes sense to try and get the best out of them first, especially after spending £300m on transfers in three years.

Indeed, I'd imagine that's one of the conditions of Klopp taking the job. Rodgers clearly couldn't get the best out of the current squad, by any manager worth his salt should be able to get 30%+ more out of the likes of Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho et al.

Klopp admitted that transforming Liverpool is a 'big job' for him and his coaching team, and appealed for patience:

"Liverpool have had a period without success and changed managers a lot. Now the hope is for miracles but progress takes time."

Good luck with that! Fans are already grossly overhyping Klopp, which is counter-productive, and ultimately negative.

Author: Jaimie K


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