6 Oct 2015

Done Deal: 'World-class' boss will be Liverpool's new manager. Offer accepted. Announcement Friday

Who will FSG appoint as Liverpool's next manager? German boss Jurgen Klopp is the current bookmakers' favourite, and it appears that the worst kept secret in football is about to become a reality.

According to The Telegraph:

* Klopp has informed Liverpool that he will 'accept the club’s offer to move to Anfield', and FSG will appoint him on a three-year deal 'by the end of the week'.

* Negotiations are expected to be completed 'over the next few days', with Klopp expected on Merseyside 'in the next 48 hours for further negotiations'.

* Klopp allegedly has 'no qualms about working within the existing club structure', and he will be allowed to hire his own backroom team. The announcement will be made on Friday.

Klopp - recently hailed as a 'world-class' manager by Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan - is clearly a great choice, but there are a few issues to consider.

* If Klopp is happy to work 'within the existing structure', then it opens up the possibility of further transfer mistakes. If Rodgers' reign proved anything, it's that the committee structre is an ineffective, bureaucratic system, which engenders rank profligacy, transfer negligence, and a lack of clarity/accountability.

* Over the summer, Liverpool made significant changes to the club's backroom staff, and the same thing is inevitably going to happen again. Klopp will (rightly) bring his own assistant (and possibly first-team coach), and that means it'll be curtains for Gary McAllister and Sean O'Driscoll.

* Rodgers dumped key members of the backroom staff over the summer, and making drastic changes again (first-team coach etc) may have a negative impact on the current squad. Even with the excitement of a new manager, there may be a knock-on negative impact whilst everyone adjusts. If Liverpool are to qualify for the Champions League this season, then the last thing the club needs is hangover from more coaching changes.

* Klopp is obviously proven in the Bundesliga, but to date, Dortmund is his only high-profile managerial role, and compared to, say, Carlo Ancelotti, he is comparatively inexperienced at the highest level.

* Dortmund suffered a stunning fall from grace last season, and spent much of the year around the relegation zone. It's a major blot on Klopp's otherwise distinguished Bundesliga career, and I sincerely hope that - prior to appointment - FSG conduct proper due diligence and thoroughly investigate why things failed so spectacularly.

Personally, I'm sick of the Transfer Committee approach, and if Klopp is willing to accept it as-is, then it opens up the disappointing possibility that he'll turn out to be another yes-man.

Hopefully, that won't be the case.

Author: Jaimie K


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