14 Oct 2015

Anfield Sensation: Brazilian World-Cup 'legend' who admires Gerrard confirms he wanted 'Liverpool' transfer

Over the last year, Brazil 'legend' Cafu has been very vocal about Liverpool, and he's praised Reds full-back Jon Flanagan several times, claiming that the young defender has a bright future ahead of him. With two World Cup winner's medals, Cafu has had the kind of career that many players can only dream of, but in a new interview, he revealed one minor regret from his playing days.

Speaking to FourFourTwo magazine recently, Cafu revealed his regret at missing out experiencing the Premier League:

"It would have been great to play in England. I would have loved to play for Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea."

He says that in hindsight, but I doubt Liverpool ever crossed Cafu's mind during his playing days.

As far as I'm aware, the Reds were never linked with Cafu, but if the club had somehow contrived to bring the Brazilian to Anfield, it would've been one of the transfers of the century (IMO).

Cafu clearly has a soft-spot for Liverpool:

May 2014: Cafu hailed Flanagan: "He is a good player; still young and developing, but already gaining recognition at Liverpool and he might even have an opportunity with the English national team. He'll be a great English player in the future".

May 2014: In the latter stages of the 2013-14 season, Cafu talked up Liverpool's chances of winning the league: "Of course Liverpool can be champions today, did they not believe they could comeback against Milan in 2005? Liverpool can believe it, everything can happen in football".

Jul 2014: After visiting Anfield to watch Liverpool beat Newcastle, Cafu raved about his experience: "When a club welcome me for that game like Liverpool, I will always have them in my heart! And my friend Lucas!".

Oct 2015: Cafu revealed his admiration for one of Liverpool's greatest players: "The English players that I like the most are those from my generation. Steven Gerrard is a great example of character for me."

Brazilian players are generally renowned for their flair and skill, but over the years, Liverpool have had to make do with fake Brazilians like Lucas, and Aurelio (i.e. defensive Brazilians, which seems like a contradiction in terms!).

Thankfully, though, in Firmino and Coutinho, Liverpool finally have some real Samba stars in the team, though both will have to step it up if they want to end their careers with as many trophies as Cafu.

Author: Jaimie K


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