27 Oct 2015

Liverpool Transfer? Boss confirms 'fantastic' £15m goal-machine wanted by Klopp can leave. Sign?

Liverpool are currently linked with an improbable move for Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, and according Claudio Ranieri, the Foxes are willing to sell the Premier League's top scorer...for the right price.

Last week, ESPN claimed:

"Liverpool and Tottenham are keeping a close eye on Leicester City's in-form striker Jamie Vardy, sources have told ESPN FC".

Soon after, Ranieri dismissed the transfer speculation, and insisted that Vardy is not for sale:

"We don't sell him [Vardy]. He stays [and] nobody goes in January, not Riyad Mahrez, not him. Me, the club and our fans need all our best players."

On Monday, however, Ranieri appeared to change his tune, and when asked about Vardy's future, he told reporters:

“If he [Vardy] wants to find a great club it would cost a lot. If big names want to buy him they [must] have the money. Not many teams can buy him now".

This is probably the most predictable transfer rumour of the season. Whenever a British player does well, Liverpool seem to be linked with a transfer, and it was just a matter of time before the media two and two together and £15m-rated Vardy with a move to Anfield.

Some info about 28-year old Vardy, recently described as a 'fantastic' player by Ranieri:

* Non-league player until 2012.

* This season: 10 goals/2 assists in 10 games for Leicester (1.2 goals/assists per game)

* One of Europe's top league goalscorers this season, and is outscoring the likes of Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and Cavani.

* Last season: 5 goals/10 assists in 36 apps (Goal/assist every 2.4 games)

* Leicester total: 36 goals/27 assists in 116 games (Goal/assist every 1.8 games)

Vardy is having a great season, but this is only his second year in the Premier League, and there's no guarantee he can make the mental step up to Liverpool, a club that's infamous for intense pressure and expectation.

Additionally, Vardy needs to prove that he can maintain his goalscoring over at least two seasons. Consistency is key, and he could just be going through a purple-patch right now.

For me, though, even if Vardy gets 20+ goals this season, Liverpool should steer clear. The buy-British policy has totally failed at Anfield, and after having to endure the likes of Downing, Carroll, Lallana, Lamber, and Milner, it's time to stop buying overpriced, overhyped Brits.

As Liverpool's terrible form over the last year categorically proves, a team filled with British players will get absolutely nowhere, and will suffer from a severe lack of creativity.

One final (depressing) thought: Vardy - player who was in non-league football until three years ago - has scored more league goals this season (10) than Liverpool's entire team (9).

I just can't get my head around how this is possible (!) It's a total embarrassment, and makes an absolute mockery of alleged talents of supposedly superior quality players like Lallana, Milner, Can, Coutinho, and Firmino.

Author: Jaimie K


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