22 Oct 2015

Anfield Blow: Klopp reveals bad news about 'amazing' £18m Liverpool star and confirms he'll miss Rubin game

In football, there are few things more predictable than a Daniel Sturridge injury, and after only TWO games back in the team, Sturridge missed the Spurs game at the weekend with yet another injury issue, and it looks like he won't be available for tomorrow's Europa League clash with Rubin Kazan.

When asked before the Spurs game about Sturridge's latest injury, Jurgen Klopp told reporters:

"It’s a bad week for knee injuries, so we won’t risk it [Playing Sturridge]. It’s just a little contact with [Jordon] Ibe in training and there’s a little bit of swelling.".

If Sturridge is being injured in training, then he really does have problems, especially since training is inevitably lower intensity that actual games.

Klopp made it sound like Sturridge's injury was a piffling issue, but I doubt many Liverpool fans really believed that.

Well, when asked today about Sturridge's fitness, Klopp admitted that he's still not fit enough to start:

"[Daniel] Sturridge is getting better and better. Yesterday he was outside for the first time since Saturday. It was okay. The target for him is Sunday, for sure. That’s what we are try to do.”

Is Sturridge back in training? It's hard to tell from Klopp's comment, but if he couldn't train for four days (Saturday-Wednesday) due to his latest niggle, then I highly doubt he's going to be ready for the Southampton game on Sunday.

Sturridge is an amazing player, and I'm one of his biggest advocates (and continually reject spurious rumour-mongering about his alleged attitude/arrogance issues), but he is ceaselessly unreliable.

No manager can build a team around a constantly injured player, and in my view, finding a top-class, long-term replacement should be one of Klopp's top transfer priorities.

Even if Sturridge - recently hailed as 'amazing' by Lucas Leiva - manages to get fit, it's highly unlikely that he'll be able to maintain his fitness in a Jurgen Klopp team.

The German demands more intensity/running than any previous Liverpool manager, and if Sturridge's fragile body couldn't handle Rodgers' demands, then it's doubtful he'll be able to cope with the increased physical rigours that inevitably come with playing under Klopp.

Sturridge is just not cut out for the hurly burly of the Premier League, and as I argued over the summer, Liverpool should proceed as if he doesn't exist, and build the team around a different striker.

Lewandowski, perhaps? A pipe dream, obviously, but with Klopp at the helm, you never know...

Author: Jaimie K


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