21 Oct 2015

Aldo raves: 'Brilliant' £60k-a-week Liverpool star is Klopp's 'best player' right now. Agree?

With Jurgen Klopp now in charge at Anfield, the hope for many fans (including myself) is that the revered German boss will prioritise the signing of a top class goalkeeper to replace Simon Mignolet. In my view, Mignolet should've been axed after the 2013-14 season, but a year later he's still at the club, and Liverpool's defensive record remains poor. That's no coincidence, but according to Anfield legend John Aldridge, Mignolet is underrated, and deserves to remain LFC's number one goalkeeper.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Aldo admitted he's a big fan of Mignolet, and insisted that the Belgian is constantly on the receiving end of 'unfair criticism'.

Aldo also made the following claim:

"[Mignolet] has been our best player [in the last] two big games. His brilliant saves secured us that point against Tottenham, just as they had in the previous game against Everton".

When it comes shot-stopping, it's hard to argue with Aldo's contention. Mignolet's primary role is to stop goals being scored, and he did that against Spurs, and (to a lesser extent), against Everton.

Mignolet's all-round game, however, still leaves a lot to be desired, and for that reason, I disagree that he's been the club's 'best player' in the last two games.

When it comes to effectively and consistently fulfilling his primary role in the team, Lucas Leiva is (IMO) Liverpool's most effective player over the last two games.

Unlike Mignolet, Lucas's all-round game is benefiting the team, and that stats show that the Brazilian is consistently influencing the game in a positive manner. For example, against Everton and Spurs:

* Averaged 82% passing accuracy.

* Lost the ball only twice in 168 minutes (the best in the team).

* As a comparison, Lallana lost the ball 12 times; Milner 11 times, and Coutinho 10 times.

* More tackles (14) than anyone else in the team, including all the defenders.

As for Mignolet (who reportedly earns £60ks-a-week] - I still feel he should be sold ASAP, but like every other player, he'll start with a clean slate under the new regime, and if he improves his all round game under Klopp, then that view may change.

Author: Jaimie K


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