17 Sept 2015

Mourinho: I'm in contact with £77k-a-week Liverpool hero via 'text message', but he's 'wrong' over Terry

Over the years, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has regularly eulogised Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, and the feeling is definitely mutual, as the Portuguese recently confirmed that he tried to sign Gerrard three times, for three difference clubs. Their cloying mutual love-in has taken a hit this week, though, with Mourinho publicly contradicting the ex-Liverpool captain over his comments about John Terry.

Mourinho dropped Terry for Chelsea's 4-0 Champions League victory over Maccabi Tel Avi last night, and according to Gerrard, there are problems between 'behind the scenes'. He told BT Sport:

"There's certainly a bit of friction behind the scenes. For me, you play John Terry week-in, week-out because he's your captain and such an important figure in the dressing room. If Chelsea want to be successful, they need John Terry in there".

As a former captain himself, Gerrard - who earns £77k-a-week at LA Galaxy - will obviously feel this way (!), but if last night's performance is anything to go by, Chelsea didn't miss Terry at all, especially in defence.

When asked after the game about Gerrard's comments, Mourinho told reporters:

"I like Steven [Gerrard]. I share SMS text messages with him. But he's wrong, [there are] no problems at all."

Mourinho is hardly going to admit the truth in public, but looking from the outside-in, it certainly appears as if the issue with Terry is affecting Chelsea's performances in the Premier League.

I have to admit: Chelsea's problems are a welcome respite from the drudgery of watching Liverpool, and with any luck, their bad spell will continue until Mourinho either quits, or gets sacked.

Mourinho is undoubtedly a superb manager, but his arrogance and apparent God Complex are supremely off-putting, and in my view, he's currently suffering karma for (amongst other things) his disgraceful treatment of team doctor Eve Carneiro:

* Mourinho's banishment of Carneiro is unjustified, illegal (within the rules of the game), and totally out of order.

* Referee Michael Oliver specifically requested the presence of Chelsea's medical staff on the field after the Hazard tackle, so Carneiro simply did her job.

* Carneiro should quit now, hire the best lawyer she can afford, and sue Chelsea for constructive dismissal, which arises when an employee feels forced to resign due the employer creating a hostile environment.

* In Carneiro's case, she's basically been demoted, and forced to accept unreasonable (and unjustifiable) changes at work. Plus, there's the public embarrassment, and character assassination to consider.

Mourinho could've put the issue to bed by showing a bit of humility, but he's far too stubborn for that, and he has allowed this sideshow to derail Chelsea's season (which is, admittedly, fantastic to see).

For me, Mourinho is the managerial equivalent of Luis Suarez: world-class at what he does, but prone to obnoxious behaviour that affects the reputation and standing of whatever club he's managing at the time.

On the subject of Mourinho's God Complex: this is always worth a watch. Fantastic monologue :-)

Author: Jaimie K


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