24 Sept 2015

Liverpool Shocker: 'Paranoid' sacked boss now a surprise 20-1 favourite to replace Rodgers

After last night's ignominious home performance against League Two outfit Carlisle United, the pressure is well and truly on for beleaguered Liverpool boss. As usual, the likes of Klopp, Ancelotti, and De Boer are heavily linked with Anfield, as is Swansea boss Gary Monk, who is surely an improbable candidate for the job. Well, as if it couldn't get any worse, an even more improbable candidate has now emerged as one of the favourites to replace Rodgers.

According to Sky Bet today, ex-Leicester City boss Nigel Pearson is currently at 20-1 to take over at Anfield, and those odds make him fifth-favourite behind Klopp, Ancelotti, De Boer, and Monk.

In the immortal words of Brundlefly's squeeze:

Like Monk, appointing Pearson will be a huge mistake, for the following reasons:

* No significant track record, standing, or power in the game, which - like Rodgers - makes him easily controlled.

* Never worked with, or managed, elite, world-class players.

* Doesn't have any pull in the transfer market, or the ability to attract the best players.

* No Champions League experience, and his tactical know-how is (currently) limited to the Premier League, and the lower leagues.

* I sincerely doubt that the fanbase will tolerate another journeyman British manager.

On the plus side, Pearson - recently branded a 'paranoid bully' by BBC journalist Pat Murphy - is most definitely not a yes-man; he knows his own mind, and will stand his ground as and when necessary.

Pearson also isn't a mollycoddling manager, and Liverpool's metrosexually meek squad would be in for a rude awakening with the 52-year old at the helm.

That's (arguably) what Liverpool's playboys need, but if Pearson or Monk are the answer, then God knows what the question is.

The club's next manager must - at the bare minimum - be internationally recognised/revered/respected, and have a significant track record of achievements as a player, or a manager.

That rules out Monk, Pearson, and a whole host of others.

In any event, if Liverpool appoint a manager like Monk of Pearson when Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti are *available*, it will be incredible (and inexplicable) negligence of the highest order.

Author: Jaimie K


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