25 Sept 2015

Rodgers Sacked? Boss who's 'like Ferguson' in Liverpool today for FSG meeting. Photo-Proof

The managerial plot thickens. Brendan Rodgers admitted today that his job is under threat, and with Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti seemingly waiting in the wings to replace him, it appears that Liverpool have a different candidate in mind.

According to Calcio Mercato today:

* Former Inter and Napoli boss Walter Mazzarri has flown to the UK today for a meeting with Liverpool.

Italia News 24 further reports:

"This morning, Mazzarri was at Pisa airport to take a flight to Liverpool. He is travelling to meet with Liverpool's leaders".

Toscana 24 News claims this is Mazzarri at Pisa airport this morning:

The original source of the rumour appears to be the following tweet by Italian journalist Giulio Mola:

If this is true, then it makes perfect sense as it fits with Liverpool's current philosophy of accepting and promoting mediocrity.

Mazzarri - who, according to Nemanja Vidic, is 'like Sir Alex Ferguson' - has experience, but he has no real track record of winning trophies at the highest level:

* Two trophies in thirteen years as a manager: 2 x SuperCoppa (Italian League Cup equivalent)

* Career win percentage = 40%.

* As a comparison: Hodgson = 43%. Rodgers = 44%.

Inter Milan are still paying Mazzarri after sacking him last year, so any deal with the Reds will save the Rossoneri a portion of the Italian's €5m salary.

Mazzarri has much more experience than Rodgers, especially when it comes to handling big name players, but if FSG appoint the Italian, it'll smack of a short-term fix, rather than a long-term solution.

If Mazzarri is on Merseyside today, though, it suggests that Rodgers is in the dying throes of his Liverpool reign, and if things go pear-shaped on Saturday, a chance may take place sooner rather than later.

The big mystery, however, is this: why is Mazzarri even an option when Jurgen Klopp is available, and wants to work in the Premier League?

Author: Jaimie K


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