21 Sept 2015

Shock Exit: Liverpool to dump 'wonderful' £10m attacker after only 6 months if Sturridge remains fit

Back in March, I argued that Divock Origi would probably be sent back out on loan at some point this season, and according to reports over the weekend, that's exactly what Liverpool appear to have in mind.

According to Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws:

* If Origi is not playing regularly by the end of the year, Liverpool will send him out on loan when the January transfer window.

* Fenerbahce wanted to sign him on loan over the summer, but the Reds weren't interested.

The Mirror further reports that Origi's loan is contingent upon Daniel Sturridge making a 'successful comeback'.

Being dumped after only six months at Anfield will undoubtedly be a shock for Origi, but but he was a pointless purchase, and anyone with any foresight could've seen that...except Brendan Rodgers, of course:

* The year Liverpool signed Origi, Rodgers brought in Balotelli, Lambert, and Markovic, which immediately rendered the purchase null and void (hence the loan to Lille).

* A year after the deal, Origi returned to Anfield, and Rodgers signed Ings, Benteke, and Firmino, which once again made the Belgian redundant in the squad.

If Origi goes out on loan, that will mean 14 (45%) of the 31 players signed by Rodgers will have either left or been farmed out on loan, which is a sad indictment of the manager's performance in the transfer market.

After signing Origi in 2014, Rodgers delivered one of his trademark fawning eulogies:

"He [Origi] can be one of the most exciting talents in world football. He has everything to be world class. I've seen enough of him over the course of the last couple of seasons to think...he can genuinely be world class.

"By signing him, we'll have a wonderful player. He can light up world football, for sure".

What a joke. Origi - who cost the Reds £10m - is another waste of money; yet another player bought without any real strategy or plan of how to utilise him effectively.

If, as Rodgers suggests, Origi 'has everything to be world-class', and is 'super fast, and has a wonderful touch', then why is he not playing, and why are Liverpool reportedly considering another loan spell?

Do managers routinely loan out players with the alleged ability to be 'genuinely world-class'?

It's over for Origi. If he goes out on loan for a second time, he probably won't return, and if he does, he'll simply waste away on the bench for inevitably leaving.

Under Rodgers, Liverpool is a graveyard for young/teenage attackers, and Origi made a massive mistake signing for the club.

Author: Jaimie K


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