17 Sept 2015

Massive Boost for Liverpool? 'Wonderful' £26m star confirms he's 'fully-fit' and ready for Bordeaux

On Wednesday, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers confirmed that Mamadou Sakho and Divock Origi will start tonight's Europa League clash with Bordeaux, and it looks increasingly like Adam Lallana will also feature in the game.

Speaking to reporters during Liverpool's pre-match press conference, Lallana - who is allegedly a 'wonderful' player - confirmed that he's ready to make a comeback:

"I am fully fit now. I was back in training on Friday and I am ready for tomorrow night.

"The Europa League is a huge competition for us. I have never played in it before. It’s a great chance to get back in the Champions League."

On the face of it, the return of a £26m player should be a massive boost for the club, but in my view, Lallana's presence will make little difference to Liverpool's ability to win the game.

In terms of value for money, Lallana is - so far - one of Brendan Rodgers' worst signings:

* 6 goals/4 assists in 43 appearances.

* Goal every 7.1 games | Assist every 10.7 games | Goal/assist every 4.3 apps.

* Goal every 447 minutes | Assist every 670 mins.

* Only ONE goal in the last 21 hours of football for Liverpool.

* No assists for over 21 hours.

* Transfer fee: £26m | Salary £70k-a-week.

* Time spent at LFC: 62 weeks. Salary cost = £4.6m

* Total cost so far: £30.5m

* Cost per goal: £5.08m | Cost per assist: £7.6m

Pretty pitiful, really. Lallana needs to start repaying his transfer fee and salary, and tonight is a good time to start doing that.

On a related note: Lallana appears to suffering some form of memory loss.

During Wednesday's press conference, Lallana claimed that he's 'never played' in the Europa League before, but last season, he made two appearances in the competition (both against Besiktas).

Author: Jaimie K


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