14 Sept 2015

'Can't believe it': Legend slates 'poor' Liverpool-Man Utd fiasco and claims it's the 'worst' 45 minutes 'ever'

On Saturday, Liverpool delivered a torturous first-half performance against an average Manchester United side, and according to Reds legend John Aldridge, it's the worst level of quality he's ever seen in a Liverpool-Manchester United game.

After witness Liverpool's lamentable first-half effort, Aldo scathed:

"I can't believe what I'm watching here! What a poor match. The worst 45 mins of quality from a Man U-Liverpool game I've ever seen".

Aldo is right: the first half at Old Trafford was atrocious, and here are some shockingly poor stats that underline the pitiful nature of the performance:

* 37% possession; no shots on target, and no successful crosses.

* Gave the ball away 55 times in 45 minutes; that means Liverpool lost possession more than once every minute of the game.

* The biggest culprits for losing possession: Milner, Lucas, and Can, who repeatedly failed to retain possession in midfield.

Here are some of the first-half low-lights:

* 06 mins: Mignolet threw the ball against Juan Mata, which led to a goal-plated scoring chance for Marouane Fellaini.

* 07 mins: Skrtel gave the ball away to Depay near the 18-yard box, which led to another chance for United.

* 10 Mins: Liverpool wasted a free kick in Man United's half, and gave the ball away within 2 passes.

* 14 mins: Through lack of awareness, and zero communication, Clyne gave away a needless corner.

* 19 mins: Milner tackled in midfield, which led to a dangerous counter-attack.

* 21 mins: Lucas passed the ball straight to Depay, who ran at the defence.

* 32 mins: Milner gave ball away to Shaw, which created more pressure for the defence.

* 39 mins: Can picked the ball up in midfield, then exchanged about six pointless passes with Skrtel, before being forced back to LFC's 18-yard box. He then passed back to Mignolet.

* 40 mins: Mignolet's hospital pass to Can went astray, which put the German under pressure.

* 41 mins: Under pressure, Can's return pass to Mignolet sailed across the front of the goal, forcing the Belgian to desperately backpeddle.

Total amateur hour. Mercifully, the half-time whistle blew a few minutes later.

As many other fans have noted, I'm sure, that first half against Man United is probably the worst since the 1996 FA Cup Final.

I vividly remember watching that game and being disappointed by the poor level of football (which, to be fair, was atypical of Roy Evan's exciting Liverpool team), but Saturday was significantly worse.

Author: Jaimie K


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