14 Sept 2015

Liverpool Stunner: 'Remarkable' boss hailed by Wenger now 4th-favourite (16-1) to replace Rodgers

After Saturday's ignominious defeat at Manchester United, Brendan Rodgers is under renewed pressure at Anfield, the usual suspects are once again being linked with the Liverpool manager's job. The likes of Benitez, Klopp, Ancelotti, and De Boer are regularly in the frame, but a new, surprise candidate has now emerged as one of the favourites to replace Rodgers.

According to Sky Bet today, Swansea boss Gary Monk is currently at 16-1 to take over at Anfield, and those odds make him fourth-favourite behind Klopp, Ancelotti, De Boer, and Benitez.

Gary Monk?

It sounds unlikely, but this is exactly what happened prior to Dalglish's termination:

* Rodgers started creeping up the odds charts, but I don't ever recall him being odds-on favourite for the job.

* Like Monk, Rodgers hovered round the 4th/5th favourite mark, and it remained that way until a few days before his official appointment.

Unfortunately, Monk fits the profile of the manager FSG are likely to employ, i.e. Young, seemingly progressive, inexperienced, and consequently willing to work with a transfer committee (and accept any restrictions placed on him).

As such, appointing Monk will be a huge mistake, for the following reasons:

* Another yes-man, with no track record, standing, or power in the game, which - like Rodgers - makes him easily controlled.

* Never worked with, or managed, elite, world-class players.

* Doesn't have any pull in the transfer market, or the ability to attract the best players.

* No Champions League experience, and his tactical know-how is (currently) limited to the Premier League.

* Barely older than some of the players he'll be managing.

Don't get me wrong: Monk has his qualities, and according to Arsene Wenger, he is a 'remarkable' manager who deserved to win 'manager of the year' last season.

However, even with that glowing endorsement, he still isn't the right man for the job. With the greatest respect, Monk is Rodgers MK2, and even if he's a superior coach/manager, it doesn't change the fact that he will be unable to attract players by name/reputation alone, which must be a pre-requisite for the next manager.

Additionally, I sincerely doubt that the fanbase will tolerate another comparatively unknown, grossly inexperienced, Rodgers-esque manager at the helm. If Monk is appointed, he'll be under intense pressure from day-one, and he probably won't get the same amount of time to make a difference.

In my view, Liverpool's next manager must - at the bare minimum - be internationally recognised/revered/respected, and have a significant track record of achievements as a player, or a manager.

That rules out Monk.

In any event, if Liverpool appoint Monk when Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti are *available*, it will be incredible (and inexplicable) negligence of the highest order (IMO).

Author: Jaimie K


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