6 Aug 2015

£70m 'Superstar' to Anfield? CEO responds to Liverpool transfer rumours and confirms Muller 'will never leave'

Liverpool are currently linked with a wildly improbable move for Bayern Munich attacker Thomas Muller, but is there any realistic chances of the German superstar swapping the Allianz Arena for Anfield?

Last week, German newspaper SportBild claimed that Liverpool are 'interested' in signing Muller, and that Brendan Rodgers is pushing FSG to put in a mega-bid for the world-class 25-year old.

When specifically asked this week, however, about interest from the Premier League, Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge dismissed the idea out of hand.

He told reporters:

"Thomas is at Bayern for life and will never leave. He is totally comfortable in Munich. I do not think that our fans have to worry."

Prior to Liverpool's alleged interest, Muller publicly complained about playing fewer games under Pep Guardiola:

"I'm unhappy with it [not starting regularly]. Pep and I talk to each other so I knew what was coming, but he knows and is aware that I am a total team player".

Clearly, this rumour is just pie-in-the-sky, and I doubt Liverpool fans hold any genuine belief that the Reds are capable of sealing such an amazing transfer.

After all, £70m-rated Muller is is a bona-fide world-class footballer (i.e. he's consistently had a specific, measurable impact of at domestic, European, and International level), so it's easy to understand why Bayern are so desperate for him to stay. Just check out his stats over the last 5 years:

* 2014-15: 39 goals/assists in 48 apps.
* 2013-14: 41 goals/assists in 51 apps.
* 2012-13: 40 goals/assists in 47 apps.
* 2011-12: 31 goals/assists in 53 apps.
* 2010-11: 38 goals/assists in 48 apps.

* TOTALS: 189 goals/assists in 247 apps
* Goal/Assist every 1.3 games (1 every 95 mins)

Amazing stats, and the only other players in Europe who consistently score/create to this level are Messi, Ronaldo, and Suarez, which recently prompted Arsenal legend Thierry Henry to question Muller's failure to be considered for the Ballon D'or. In December, he told RMC Sport:

"I don't understand why Thomas Muller is not there. He would have been my guy. He doesn't do stepovers and nutmegs, but he already has 13 or 14 goals in the World Cup. And he's a World Cup winner. Why is he not there?"

I would personally swap any Liverpool player for Muller, including fan-favourite Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian is a magician, but Muller is on a totally different planet, especially when it comes to creative contribution.

Rummenigge is being a tad optimistic with his 'Muller will be at Bayern for life' prediction, though. At the age of 25, he's already won everything in the game, and at some point, he'll probably want to test himself in a different league (like Bastien Schweinsteiger, for example)

Hopefully, if/when that happens, Liverpool will be in a better position to attract a player of Muller's talent and experience.

Who am I kidding, though. We all know he'll end up at Manchester United.

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Author: Jaimie K


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