7 Aug 2015

Breaking News: Rodgers confirms 'wonderful' star is Liverpool's new vice-captain. Massive snub for Skrtel?

With Jordan Henderson's promotion to captain, Liverpool are missing a vice-captain, but the mystery over who'll succeed Hendo is now over, as Rodgers has finally name his new second-in-command.

In his pre-Stoke press conference a few minutes ago, Brendan Rodgers confirmed that Liverpool's new vice-captain will be...James Milner.

So, one of the worst kept secrets at Anfield is finally out.

Given Rodgers constant deification of Milner, this decision comes as no surprise at all.

Indeed, according to the manager, Milner is one of the greatest players to ever walk the earth. One example of his view on the midfielder:

"James is a wonderful player. He's an outstanding footballer, and has been since I saw him at Leeds as a young player"

Reacting to the news, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson enthused:

"It's a absolute no-brainer. It's the right decision all day long"

I don't see how this is anything but a massive slap in the face for Martin Skrtel, who, incidentally, is the captain of the Slovakian national team.

In my view, after 7 years at Anfield, Skrtel deserves the vice-captaincy more than Milner, and it's strange that Rodgers has ignored the Slovakian, especially since he's captained the club in the past.

Additionally, this almost certainly confirms that Milner will be an everpresent for Liverpool this season, probably irrespective of performance.

Traditionally, the captain and vice-captain usually play most games, and Henderson/Gerrard over the last couple of seasons is a prime example of that.

It remains to be seen whether endless Milner is a good thing, but one thing's for sure: he has to hit the ground running, and given his experience/build-up etc, there's no excuse for underwhelming performances.

Author: Jaimie K


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