3 Aug 2015

'Nice': Benteke reacts to 'incredible' Swindon goal; sends message to Liverpool fans

'What a hit son, what a hit!' Much to the delight of Liverpool fans everywhere, Christian Benteke kicked of his Liverpool career in style on Sunday with a superb volleyed effort against Swindon Town. It's a great start for the Benteke, and instantly dispels the risible myth that the Belgian is just another lolloping lummox like Andy Carroll, a player with whom he's often (ridiculously) compared.

Quite simply, Andy Carroll will never score a goal of this quality:

Brendan Rodgers' response:

"Christian's goal was incredible, whether it was a pre-season friendly or in a league or cup game. It was wonderful technique from the big guy".

Benteke's reaction:

"It's always nice to start with a win and a goal. Looking forward to the season. Thank you for your welcome".

A great goal indeed, but there's absolutely no point getting carried away. Victories against the likes of Swindon and HJK Helsinki is the bare minimum to be expected of Liverpool, and great goals in pre-season mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Additionally, Brendan Rodgers' team is stacked with experienced, elite players, all of whom have every possible fitness, medical, and coaching advantage at their beck and call, so beating comparatively inferior opposition is nothing to get excited about.

That may sound harsh, but let's be serious here. Liverpool's pre-season has been worryingly non-competitive, and in my view, the players shouldn't be excessively praised for basically winning a few practice matches.

Firmino, Benteke et al may perform well against non-competitive teams, but what matters is how they perform in the Premier League, and the Belgian's goal will mean nothing if Liverpool fail to beat Stoke City next weekend.

All I keep hearing about is how James Milner is such a great signing, but it's all grossly premature unless and until he consistently delivers when it matters. Ditto Firmino, Benteke, Ings etc.

On a related note: Rodgers also made the following post-match comment:

"The players have been brilliant, they have travelled all around the world and never complained once, just got on with their work"

The players 'never complained once' about being on a mollycoddling all-expenses paid trip around the world, with first-class travel/accommodation?

What an utterly admirable achievement! It must've been inconceivably difficult for Liverpool's grossly overpaid playboys to put up with such an unbearably gruelling trip, fraught with danger, misfortune, and intolerable hardship.

Rodgers makes it sound like the players did well to refrain from complaining (!), but given the amazing opportunity (which many fans can only dream of), what exactly do they have to moan about?

Ridiculous, and in my view, comments like this are part of the reason Liverpool need a new manager.

Author: Jaimie K


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