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18 Aug 2015

LK Prediction League: Game 02 - Results/League Table (Liverpool 1-0 Bournemouth)

A great result, but another underwhelming performance from Liverpool, and the Prediction League continues to follow the same pattern, as only 3 of the 105 participants this week (2.8%) managed to predict the correct score (!).

This week's news:

* gilstrap, FDotM, and Not You got perfect scores.

* That's two in a row for gilstrap and FDotM, and if they get it right it again next week, they'll receive a 50 point bonus (as per the Prediction League guidelines).

* 39 posters (37%) got CR1 (Correct Result: Within Two Goals).

* 37 posters (35%) got CR2 (Correct Result: Within Two Goals.

* 11 promotions to the Premier League this week: Not You, Benj, Great Hair, LFCjai, NX3lemz, SGMM, AS007, Ashlee, Case, Coddakay, and Dabandit.

* 5 posters relegated to Division One: Ish, Kingsultan69, Rich Seizer, Richard Massey, and Adam.

* Also, spare a thought for Darovar, who got relegated to Division Two due to the quirks of alphabetisation (!)

* Lots of heavy-hitters still languishing in the Phantom Zone, including long-time posters like Beast, Ghost Rider, LFCNYC74, Stuart C, Logan, JockInTheKop, Pandle, Livi, LFC4Life, Gene, Nicolas Chamberlain, and, erm, me.

So, without further ado, here are this week's league tables. As always, if you spot mistakes, or I've left anyone out etc, please leave a comment below and I'll fix any issues.






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