14 Aug 2015

LK Prediction League: Game 01 - Results/League Table (Stoke 0-1 Liverpool)

Game 01: Despite an underwhelming performance overall, Liverpool scraped a 1-0 win, courtesy of a superb long-range strike from Brazilian maestro Philippe Coutinho.

In the Seinfeldian Bizarro World inhabited by Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool's players were apparently 'outstanding', but the same cannot be said of the participants in LK's prediction league ;-)

A reminder of how the Prediction League works:

* For every game, I'll post a pre-match preview as normal containing my prediction for the result.

* To take part, simply post with your prediction for the game in the comment section of the preview article. You must have a Disqus account to participate (or be signed in via some other method, i.e. Google etc)

* Deadline for predictions is ONE HOUR before kick-off, at which time the comments section (for the preview article) will be closed.

* Predictions can only be made on one place: the pre-match preview article.

* If you made a prediction, but don't see your name in the table, simply post a comment and I'll check your post, and update the table.

* At the end of the season, the winner will receive a £100 Amazon voucher (or equivalent in a different currency, depending on country).

* Three runners up will receive LFC merchandise of some description (yet to be determined)

Scoring System

* Perfect Score (i.e. the exact scoreline) = 30 points.

* Correct result (Within ONE goal) = 10 points.

- For example: anyone predicting a 2-0 win for LFC against Stoke will receive 10 points.

- A 3-1 will receive zero points as it is within two goals of the correct score.

* A league table will be maintained throughout the season.

Results: Game 1 (Stoke City 0-1 Liverpool)

* Perfect Scores: MalJames, Peter_Maxwell, Kibur Semachew, FdotM, gilstrap, stipe (All receive 20 points)

* Correct Result: Rich Seizer, Richard Massey, Salim, Kingsultan69, lsh, Walter, Fowler 09, pocky, nick1811, Chirag Vyas (all receive 10 points)

Premier League

Division One

Phantom Zone

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, queries, or suggestions for improvement :-)

Author: Jaimie K


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