9 Aug 2015

Liverpool-Kop Prediction League: Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Prediction League!

*LAST UPDATED: 06 Nov 2015*


* One or two days before every game, the Editor of the site will post a pre-match preview article.

* To participate in the league, simply post your prediction for the game in the comment section of that preview article.

* You must have a Disqus account to take part (or be signed in via some other method, i.e. Google etc)

* Deadline for predictions is is 30 Minutes before kick-off, at which time the comments section (for the preview article) will be closed.

* Predictions can only be made in one place: the pre-match preview article. Predictions in other articles will be ignored.

* After the game, the Prediction League tables will be updated, and posted.

* Join the league whenever you like. Anyone can take part at any time :-)


There are 7 league tables for the Prediction League:

* Premier League: The 25 players with the most points at any given stage of the season.

* Division One: The next 25 players, again, based on points accrued throughout the season.

* Division Two, Three, Four and Five: As above.

* Phantom Zone: Anyone who's taken part, but hasn't registered a single point during the season.


* Perfect Score: Exact scoreline (PS) = 30 points.

* Correct Result: Within ONE goal (CR1) = 10 points.

* Correct Result: Within TWO goals (CR2)  = 3 points.

* Draw: Within one level of the result = CR1

* Draw: Within two levels of the result = CR 2

* Bonus Points: There will also be extra points on offer for predicting other aspects of each games, such as first goalscorer, corners won, shots on target etc. For individual stats (Passing accuracy, shots, key passes etc) players must be on the field for at least 50% of the game to be considered.


* If LFC win 1-0, a prediction of 2-0 = CR1. A prediction of 2-1 doesn't count as that is a TWO goal difference (1 Liverpool goal + 1 Stoke goal)

* If LFC win 1-0, a prediction of 2-1 or 3-0 = CR2. A prediction of 3-1 doesn't count as that is a THREE goal difference (2 Liverpool goals + 1 Stoke goal)

* If it's a 1-1 draw, a 2-2 prediction = CR1. A 3-3 Prediction = CR2.


* Three perfect scores in a row = 50 bonus points.

* Any form of cheating (i.e. editing your prediction post after the one-hour deadline) will result in expulsion from the league.

* Anyone can join the league at any time during the season.


* League Champion: £100 Amazon Gift Voucher (or equivalent depending on currency/country)

* Three Runners-Up: Liverpool merchandise (to be determined)

Author: Jaimie K


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