28 Aug 2015

Lawro Warns: Liverpool can't 'rely' on £18m duo, and BR should sign a 'new left back' ASAP.

In his pre-West Ham press conference today, Brendan Rodgers claimed that Liverpool will be 'quiet' on transfer deadline day, suggesting that he's not expecting any further additions to the squad. In my view, Liverpool need another experienced, goalscoring attacking midfielder, and according to Reds legend Mark Lawrenson, theres's another position that also needs urgent attention.

Lawro warns: Liverpool can't 'rely' on £18m duo, and Rodgers must 'sign' a 'new left-back'

In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Lawro insisted:

"I'd want a new left-back. I said this a few weeks ago, and I've seen nothing to change my mind. With Jose Enrique clearly out of the picture, I wouldn't rely on an 18-year-old kid and Alberto Moreno [Combined cost: £18m]"

Lawro is arguably right, here. Moreno proved last season that he is not defensively reliable, and like Dejan Lovren, the Spaniard made some costly mistakes last that led to opposition goals.

Gomez is settling-in well, but is it really a wise idea to play an 18-year old out of position for an entire season?

Gomez looks good now, but he's only four games into his Liverpool career; there's no telling how his fitness will hold up over a hard, physical season in the Premier League, and the last thing he needs is burnout at such a young age.

If Liverpool don't sign another left-back, then the position will probably be shared between Moreno and Gomez, which isn't an ideal solution.

What happens if one of the two gets injured? Liverpool will be short of cover, and that could prove costly over a long season.

It's similar situation on the right: Clyne is the only available first-team right-back, and if he gets injured, it's back to square pegs in round holes (i.e. Emre Can).

Sakho can cover at left-back, but having seen that in action last season, I doubt many fans will want to see the Frenchman out there again (!)

I also wouldn't put it past Rodgers to play Can at left-back. He played the German at right-back last year, so anything's possible.

To be honest, if Liverpool fail to sign someone before the window closes, Rodgers can probably get away with Gomez and Moreno until the January transfer window.

Plus, there's always the fall-back option of Jose Enrique, who Rodgers may be forced to play if injuries pile up.

Based on Rodgers' comments over the summer, it seems that Gomez was only supposed to be a temporary left-back, but after being a success in the position, the manager's plan may be to convert him to a full-time full-back.

As the old saying goes: 'If you're good enough, you're old enough', but rinsing an 18-year old is never a good idea, irrespective of talent and potential.

In my view, it a mistake to rely on Gomez and Ibe this season as first-team regulars.

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Author: Jaimie K


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