3 Aug 2015

£65m 'genius' raves: 'Sensational' Liverpool star is my 'favourite player' in the Premier League

In his final season at Anfield, Luis Suarez contributed an incredible 55 goals/assists in 37 games for Liverpool, and played alongside Philippe Coutinho, who (arguably) has the raw potential to develop into a player capable of making a similar impact. Coutinho continues to struggle for consistency at Anfield, but that doesn't bother Suarez, who insists that the 'sensational' Brazilian is one of the best players in the Premier League.

When asked on Friday to name his favourite Premier League player, Suarez told UEFA official:

"My favourite player at the moment in the Premier League is [Liverpool attacker] Philippe Coutinho"

£65m Suarez clearly has a bias for Liverpool here (!), and that's hardly surprising given his (apparent) ongoing affinity for the club.

After being (unfairly) sent off against West Ham, Coutinho will probably feel a little deflated at the moment, and that may be compounded by the knowledge that he'll miss the upcoming Premier League clash with Manchester United.

However, he should take confidence from Suarez's faith in his ability - the Premier League is filled with top-class players, and if Coutinho stands out to thus extent, then he must be doing something right.

That said, if was a cynical person, and I *am* when it comes to football, I'd suggest that Suarez's seemingly innocent flattery is yet another nefarious attempt to tap Coutinho up ;-)

It wouldn't be the first time. In a May interview, Barca legend Ronaldinho - who spent 5 years at the Nou Camp - urged Coutinho to set his sights higher than Anfield:

"I know what Barcelona look for in a player and he [Coutinho] has all those qualities. Xavi has left and Iniestia is now in his 30's - they will need to address that. That is why I think Barcelona and Coutinho would be the perfect fit. Not only would he win trophies, but playing with Neymar, Messi, Suarez, Iniesta, is going to make him a better player"

Unfortunately for Liverpool, £25m-rated Coutinho idolises Ronaldinho, and he confirmed this in January, when he told the official LFC website:

"I’ve always enjoyed seeing Ronaldinho play and I watch videos of him to take as an inspiration."

Coutinho referenced Ronaldinho last season, too, when he named the former world 'player of the year' as one of his idols:

“My idols are Kaka and Ronaldinho, who play in the same position”

Suarez - hailed by Steven Gerrard as an 'absolute genius' - won 4 trophies in his first season at Barcelona, and with Liverpool's ongoing struggles under Brendan Rodgers, it'll be no surprise when Coutinho inevitably starts casting a covetous (and envious) eye in the Catalan club's direction.

On thing is for sure: Coutinho has little chance of winning the league/Champions League under Rodger, and like Suarez, he's too good a player to waste his career on a manager who prioritise pressing/tackling/running over creative endeavour, and individual expression.

Author: Jaimie K


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