7 Jul 2015

Replace Moreno? Liverpool still pushing to sign 'unhappy' £15m international. Contact made already

Liverpool have signed six players since the end of the recent train-wreck of a season, and new reports suggest that the Reds are still considering a summer move for Paris St. Germain left-back Lucas Digne.

In June, French newspaper L'Equipe claimed that:

* Liverpool made an official 'enquiry' about Digne's availability.

* Roma are also interested in the 21-year old, who is allegedly valued at €20m [£15m] by PSG.

According to Monday's edition of the Daily Express:

* Liverpool are still monitoring Digne, who is struggling to hold down a first team place at PSG.

* Roma and Atletico Madrid are also interested, but PSG will not sell unless they sign Napoli defender Faouzi Ghoulam as a replacement.

In December, Digne's agent, Mikkel Beck, blasted PSG for condemning the youngster to constant bench duty. He told Le 10 Sport:

"I know he is unhappy on the bench, and he wants to play more. However, his anger and frustration give him the strength to try even harder in training, or when he has the chance to be on the field"

Some info about Digne, hailed as an 'immense hope of French football' by PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi:

* Left-back who can also play left-midfield.

* A measly 44 appearances in 2 seasons for PSG (average of 22 apps per year)

* 8 apps for the France national team.

* 2013: Helped France win the U20 World Cup.

* Recently lost his place in the France team as a result of reduced playing time at PSG.

* Only one significant injury so far (sprained ankle last season)

Liverpool were linked with Digne back in 2013, and when asked in May if he regretted his decision to reject the Reds, he told reporters:

"No. I showed that I was ready to tackle a huge project at age 20, which shows I have the character to succeed at the highest level"

If Rodgers is genuinely interested in Digne, then it suggests a lack of confidence in Alberto Moreno's ability to be Liverpool's long-term solution at left-back, which, if true, is totally understandable.

One great goal aside, Moreno did little to distinguish himself last season, and like Glen Johnson, he is prone to costly errors that lead directly to opposition goals.

Jose Enrique the only real alternative to Moreno, which basically means Liverpool have no alternatives (!). As such, Digne - for the right price - is an enticing option.

Will he leave PSG, though? Digne has 7 trophies to his name in two years, including two league titles, and there's little chance of him replicating that success at Liverpool (under Rodgers).

Worth pursuing?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Would rather have Jordan amavi from nice. Would be cheaper and has greater potential.

  2. I doubt he'd straight out replace Moreno. Despite his defensive troubles, he still was quite the breath of fresh air in the attacking sense, and he seemed to grow more comfortable as the season went on. It didn't help he was never left to settle with an LCB either, with it constantly changing around. Digne is unnecessary for me, but if he were to come, it would be in place of Enrique, and/or signal perhaps Moreno transitioning into an out and out winger.

  3. ..I have no flipp*n idea who lucas digne is.....no interest as I have a much more pressing question..

    ..just went and saw an article stating a 'transfer twist' and that laccazzette has broken off contract talks..apparently we ?!?!? are favorites to sign him as of about 20 minutes ago......

    ...please put me out of my misery and i will promise to steel myself for the truth...just how 'connected' are the journo's at the metro...?

  4. In my experience, Metro is just as reliable as most other media.

    However, they seem to have better staff. Site developers did a pretty good job and the journos can actually write a proper sentence.

    In all seriousness, Metro is probably not reliable at all, but they have been pretty on par with our recent transfers. Most of the stories turned out to either be true, whether it resulted in the transfer or a miss that had legit interest. Again, probably luck.

    All that said, I think the whole Lacazette thing has at least partial truth to it. LFC might very well be "interested" in Lacazette, but whether or not we're likely is a different matter. It's easy to be favorites when we're the only club running. I would say we either land the guy in a spectacular coup by sealing the deal quick or get immediately thrown out of the race when other clubs finish up their initial small deals and focus on him.

  5. Quick google search :D

    "If you're in the penalty area and don't know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we'll discuss the options later." -- Bob Paisley

  6. .true, true...although enrique is total cr*p now...you do see what I see right..? I mean he's absolute rubbish, pointless him being on the pitch really so as a competition to moreno (who i think is great) we would look stronger team wise...we also have four competitions to play for this season and don't know how many injuries to deal with...young hungry will take the chance to rip the position off moreno...can only be good..

  7. ...don't you just love that man... :)

  8. Moreno isn't good enough at this stage of his playing career,he proved that with crucial mistakes that cost goals.As well lost the ball going forward to many times,just aint up to it.Liverpool need to be reliable right across the back line,Moreno is the weak link in that position,so Digne sounds like a good idea if possible.

  9. its all about building...i have watched Moreno play and i noticed that he is very effective going forward...we could play him as a winger. he has pace/technique and he can take on players...but that will be totally impossible,bcos we have a coach that doesn't understand the slightest thing concerning the dynamism of players he buys...

    Moreno is a plus for Liverpool under the right stewardship...

  10. Not connected at all

  11. Ultimately last season Moreno showed what he is - A naturally talented but extremely raw youngster. I have faith in him however. He just needs to learn his trade a little better which will come with experience but I truly believe Moreno will develop into a quality LB

  12. Agree that Moreno made some boneheaded mistakes but he about the same size as Evra and quicker. He is just raw at the moment for sure. We should keep him and let him develop. I think the competition should come from Wisdom, Flanno and Ilori. That's why we signed these guys in the first place, right???

  13. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva4:24 am, July 08, 2015

    If true we now have a player who wants to play for us and who has played at arguable the highest level, people are now arguing where he will fit in, i say who cares BR is the manager now he gets payed a shit load of money to manage so do it.
    You see this is where the problem is great managers can operate a team which has talent everywhere including the bench so this is his job.
    IMO we should get him and Lacazette and sell Sterling for whatever cause he is an absolute joke the kid thinks he is better than what he actually is but make no mistake about it this is BR job remember he also gets to live the life of a million ayre so its time to see what he can do and if he can't then he should leave.

  14. Vyshakh Rajendran4:29 am, July 08, 2015

    Im not particularly against Allen or Lucas, but another midfield signing does point to the fact that one of them would be leaving.

    I would personally see Allen leave.Dont get me wrong, I loved the way he played against MAN C and how he showed once in a while what he can do. The only reason I would have him leave over Lucas is AGE.

    Allen would commend a better fee and should have more suitors as opposed to Lucas who provided a hell of a lot more Exp than Allen(Something we would sorely need).

    On a side note:

    I'm sick an tired of reading rumors.


  15. None of which are natural Left Backs... All three are right footed, Both Ilori and Wisdom are Centrebacks primarily and Flano is a right back who has been used on the left to decent effect. A left back's backup should be a natural left back. The backup's backup can be one of the three above.

  16. I'm a fan of Moreno, probably because I'm a huge Jordi Alba fan, and the two are very similar in their play. I think with a bit more protection from a high pressure midfield of Hendo and Milner, he'll be exposed far less. It didnt help last season that a) we were playing rubbish, b) we played Lucas or Gerrard at DM, neither of which are quick enough to help out the fullbacks and c) our attacking midfielders barely offered any protection for the backline.
    Having said that, I have seen Digne a couple of times and I think he'd make a great backup/alternative to Moreno for the games where we just need a bit of solidity at the back, rather than having 2 attacking fullbacks.

  17. Shame, he could have been a useful backup, never did much wrong, but I suppose we've got Clyne, Wisdom and Flano there

  18. He's a couple of levels up from Flanno, to be fair.

  19. Metro is absolutely terrible. Made up stories written by people who don't necessarily watch football.

  20. The more players involved in the deal, the less money we owe QPR no?

  21. It does not work that way. We owe QPR 25% of the deal if we sell Sterling. That cannot be changed.

  22. dzeko would be the one, really doesnt like the idea of lfc apparently tho

  23. Frankie Fletcher10:35 am, July 08, 2015

    Don't worry mate we have Sean o'driscoll, he will sort our defence right out!

  24. So how do we give them 25% of a player?

  25. Ian Ayre to be fair has made three good signings this summer:

    Clyne upgrade on Johnson, Flanagan and Manquillo RB

    Milner upgrade on Can and Henderson CM

    Firminho upgrade on L Alberto AM

    But we still need to ship out F Borini, M Balotelli and R Lambert .

    And Lacazette and Gamiero should replace the three strikers above.

    B Rodgers and I Ayre still need to replace the class and quality of S Gerrard: M Kovacic Of Inter Milan should be brought for £16-£21M

    A mobile tough tackling Defensive midfielder is desperately needed :

    Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen

    W Carvalho Of Sporting Lisbon

    G Imbulla Of Marseille

    M Schneiderlin Of Southampton

    One of these Enforcers should be brought to club for £17-£25M

  26. Please God if we can get Lacazette with his skill & pace up front, what a complete different ANIMAL we will be this season?
    Can't wait!

  27. illarramendi is a player LFC needs. we need depth in our team. my concern is left back. we need a more experienced LB. Sakho for me should be sold and moreno needs more experience. we need 2 strikers Pedro and Lazarrette. BR needs to drop all this Benteke talk. we have bolotelli if we want to play that style of football. alot has been said about him but he can score goal. did it for man city and country. our style of play doesn't suite him or benteke. in the goal keeping department would of like casillas from real madrid.


    clyne skrtel new player moreno

    illarramendi / can

    henderson/ibe milner coutinho


    we can switch to a 3 5 2 buy subbing Moreno and bringing on Markovic or an additional striker. Theo Walcott would be a player i would like to also see wearing a LFC shirt.

  28. Rodgers had his way, Liverpool would play with 11 midfielders. as long as we keep the ball, retain it, we win games right?

  29. Who better to captain that team of academy grads than Allen... They'll need one or two senior members...... I can see the headlines now, Liverpool FC break age old record... LFC do the Quadruple....

  30. Agree with your thinking however Carvalho is going nowhere from what I have read. Sissoko might be a better shot to complete. I hope Ayre is camped on Lacazette's front doorstep to show our real intention to improve the team with bold steps. Despite all the money, players want to feel really wanted and needed at some level and we have a narrow and fragile window of opportunity right now to do so.....

  31. Let us not forget the long season ahead & Europa League, if we can go the whole season without midfield injuries then fine but i don't see that happening in the Premierleague! We need to be able to put on a player just as good during the match or in the next match if we are to progress in the Europa League or get into the Top 4 in the Premierleague, this season we're going to need a bigger squad, not just the First 11 and then nomore Top talent! I say bring Illarramendi to Anfield ASAP!!!

  32. Cordell Johnson2:46 am, July 13, 2015

    am i the only one that look at liverpool and still see no world class midfielders or generals. Rogers to save your job - you still nee new cb.lb.centre midfielder *2 most be world class stirker- two would be good again world class..can/allen milner and illarramendi and henderson...is this really our midfield..far days from masherano alonso gerrand sisoko bosnic--pshhh