3 Jul 2015

Top Class: Liverpool star hails 'exceptional' Man United hero and admits he 'studied' his game

Over the last three years, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has excelled at making bland, uninspiring signings, and new recruit Adam Bogdan is no exception. Like many fans, I have little faith in Bogdan's ability to relegate Simon Mignolet to the bench, but you never know, though; Bogdan may surprise everybody, and if performs anything like his main inspiration, the Hungarian may eventually turn out to be a shrewd signing for the Reds.

When asked this week about goalkeepers he admires, Bogdan told reporters:

"When I was young, it was Peter Schmeichel who I studied. He was exceptional. You look at other keepers and try to learn from them, it's an easy way to learn."

Schmeichel is widely acknowledged to be the best goalkeeper of the Premier League era, and although he's a snivelling Manc, it's hard to deny the Dane's prodigious ability and imperious impact at Old Trafford.

If Bogdan genuinely studied Schmeichel, then hopefully he will have picked up one of his defining qualities: the ability to command the defence, and lead from the back.

Schmeichel is (in)famous for his vocality at the back, and he didn't suffer fools (or egos) gladly during his time at Old Trafford.

The Dane's total self-belief and (sometimes) overbearing self-confidence shone through at Man United, and like Roy Keane, his team-mates seemed to fear and respect him in equal measure.

This is exactly the kind of thing Liverpool desperately need right now, especially in goal, but from what I've seen, neither Mignolet nor Bogdan possess the leadership ability that elevated Schmeichel above his peers.

For me, the key point is this: through sheer force of personality and colossal ability, Schmeichel commanded respect from his team-mates, and his indefatigable winning mentality played a huge Manchester United's success.

Steven Gerrard had the same X-Factor (as did Luis Suarez), and like Schmeichel, Gerrard led by example and commanded respect from his team-mates. Alas, with Liverpool's legendary the captain now gone, there's no one at Anfield who comes close to that level.

In my view, Liverpool's current squad is metrosexually meek, and almost totally devoid of charisma. There are too many 'safe' players, and very few with the swagger (and mild arrogance) that comes with total self-confidence and unimpeachable self-belief, qualities that define the genius that is Luis Suarez.

It's a problem, but it comes from the top-down, with fawning nice-guy Brendan Rodgers continually dulling competitive edge by endlessly massaging fragile egos.

It's unlikely to change any times soon. This week, for example, Brendan Rodgers appointed another yes-man as his assistant, and after the latest bout of transfer business, his team is also now stacked with yes-men, and that includes Adam Bogdan.

As Suarez proved, just *one* player with the aforementioned qualities can transform the entire team; right now, however, there's no one in Liverpool's squad capable of having a similar galvanizing impact.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Agree 100 per cent = where are the goals going to come from ? Its obvious B R is obsessed with Benteke at £30 million having refused him last year at £15 million.Benteke is not clever enough to lead the line and produce moments of magic that turn games - He is very good but he is not *SPECIAL".Right back with be an improvement defensively but Stoke 6 Liverpool 1 - the task is enormous F S G should tell B R to sell 10 players A S A P - Too much quantily and not enough quality.

  2. So rumours that Manquillo's loan will be cancelled.

  3. With Flanno injured I thought we might keep him but not too fussed if he goes. I can only suppose Wisdom will be back up to Clyne

  4. Ilori could also feature there should he be required.

  5. Metrosexually Meek- is that a new boy band

  6. Actually none, I believe Ryan McLaughlin 'll get some bench time at least this year.

  7. original-gideon7:52 am, July 03, 2015

    Why? It's the truth. Sticking your head in the sand won't change it.

  8. Not fair to judge a player on one game is it.

  9. Maybe he is on Holiday :)

  10. Ilori has done nothing to suggest he is anything special.

  11. Very good one JK. I think the starting point is having a firebrand manager or at least one with the gravitas to lift the dressing room and BR is not that guy. Why doesn't the club go in for Ospina? He is surely down the pecking order with the arrival of Cech but he is miles ahead of Mignolet in my book. He took to the premiership like a duck to water last season and he was supreme at the recent Copa.

  12. But then BR would be accused of square pegs in round holes again.

  13. Yeah Robo, u think it will work? Three box-to-box runners, suffocating and stiffling the opposition, Im already salivating :) I was meaning to ask u, do you think if Lovren will make a comeback, and should he form a partnership with Sakho?

  14. Yeah why not, give him a few games if needed, sink or swim time maybe

  15. Not really an upgrade IMO, might as well stick with Mignolet

  16. For me it would be Illaramendi or Clasie but I fully agree with you in regards to the price. 37 million for a player who is no better than players going for anything between 8 and 15 million is just a joke. And where would Can fit in JK? Further up the pitch where he belongs. He's not a CB but he's not quite a DM either.

    I would go for:





    Yes no Jordan. With those three midfielders at the club he just wouldn't be good enough imo. The only way I can see him fit in is if Rodgers sacrifices Coutinho and plays him out wide to accommodate Henderson behind the strikers

  17. Wee can't bring a starter goalkeeper because we can't attract one. We are out of CL and have to give Migs his chance for at least 10-15 more games and every keeper knows that Migs is good enough to prove himself worthy. That leaves Ospina in a terrible position- he is in a not top club being an unused sub, he can do better, don't you think?

  18. Haha Suarez is turning into quite the Vincent van Gogh. A troublemaker and a paria when he was among us, a genius now he's gone.

  19. I think Migs started to improve last season so maybe with a new and no doubt better addition to our defense, ( Clyne ) this will maybe settle our back line, a bit more than last season, Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho, and Moreno could and should pick there game up, and if not we have a couple of players in reserve to slot in place, imo the weak link could be Moreno, and if so we could play with the three across the back if we buy a classy dm like lllarramendi then we should be a better defensive unit altogether and with Hendo Milner/Can Coutinho, Firmino Studge and Ings/Benteke I think we could be a force to be reconed with this coming season.

  20. Slumdog Mignolet9:32 am, July 03, 2015

    You are ridiculously NEGATIVE. Honestly have some CheeriOOS in the morning.

    Can is a BOX TO BOX MF.
    BR wants Lucas gone.
    How many CDM's do we have? 1. Lucas.
    Signing Carvallah or any other CDM won't kill Can career.

    If we don't and play Can there in 3 months you will complain we are wasting a box to box in midfield.

    This won't get published as you are too insecure to publish anything that calls you out on your BS.

  21. Slumdog Mignolet9:34 am, July 03, 2015

    Love the way you think.

    If we can't get Illa than Classie is also a great option. Feyenoord captain.

    Kovacic over Allen ANY DAY of the week.
    That boy is beyond special and has the Pogba esque potential. Watching him going on those dribbles is like watching Maradonna and Kaka...

    For 16-20M we CANT ignore quality. Sell allen to which ever welsh sheep farmer wants him. Heck sell Lovren off to make this happen but Kovacic and Illa would COMPLETE our midfield...

  22. I watched some early season games with Lovren starting with Sakho and actually he looked pretty good a lot of the time, though their communication and team-work was terrible at times. But without confidence he is a terrible player, an actual liability! I don't know about poor Dejan. I'd love to think that this season could have toughened him up, and that this time next year we'll be hailing him as one of our own, one who walked through the storm... anything's possible :)

  23. Slumdog Mignolet9:37 am, July 03, 2015

    A - we don't have Sturridge back until October so rather not try fit him in.

    B - maybe a 4321 formation:

    3- Hendo Illa Can/Milner

    2 CAM's - Coutinho Firmino/Lallana

    1 - Benteke / Ings

    When DS is back to full fitness we can go back to the diamond and sacrifice a CAM or one of the strikers. Even 4231 could work and bring balance.

    2- Hendo Can/Illa

    3 - Milner Coutinho Firmino

    1 - 1 - Benteke / Ings

  24. He has not been given a chance, that is why.

  25. Not sticking my head in the sand we are growing as a club for the first time in decades yes scum did it years ago but there not our bench mark we aim to be the best not as good as someone we aim to be bigger not as big as someone and they certainly are not the right model to follow yes there revenue is high but so is there debt take your head out the sand mate! if scum have 3 seasons not in champs league there stock price will plumit there sponsors won't want to renew a deal and who they get won't want to pay massive amounts for a nearly ran team and whilst all this is happening they won't be able to keep up with this massive debt!! they are playing a very risky game and with all the money around in the premier league at the min 4th spot is up for grabs and they are in a scrap for it. It isn't nailed on any more. so while I see what you mean I'm able to look at the whole picture not just the parts that breed negativity. ..but surely we all 8 mancs

  26. Ok we get you don't rate Lovren, just try and make it less obvious, and give guy a break, he's here next season u like it or not!

  27. It's not entirely true to say that nobody has that swagger about them on the pitch because Roberto Firmino is one. If you look at his play at Hoffenheim (I watched him play last year quite a bit) he exudes confidence and ability and although it's not quite up to the Suarez level- although not many are- it still rubs off on his Hoffenheim teammates.

    If you look at Firmino's "No look goal" that typifies his confidence in his own ability and the mild arrogance that JK mentioned above. Just type it in on YouTube and you will see how he didn't even look to see if he scored he just started celebrating. That is pure confidence in ones ability.

  28. I agree he is classy and arrogant in a good way, but that goal... If one of my mates did it when we played football behind the school he would get ridiculed as that was hard to miss even without looking. Skill before the shoot was great, but looking at goal to score from 3 yards on an empty goal is not really necessary....

  29. Agree, unless we can keep Allen and still have an Illaramendi but perhaps that's just being greedy :)

  30. Depends on how much cash!
    I would go for it though and keep Allen for this season instead. Allen or Can could then cover Illarramendi when needed, and also compete with Henderson, Milner and Kovacic for CM.
    Interesting report on Skysports today suggesting how 442 diamond and 433 will be used more this season like we did in 2013/14. With those formations 6 midfielders is good, I think Sky have been reading my posts :)

  31. Don't agree on Lovren though, don't write him off yet

  32. Totally agree, although I would say Crouch may perhaps rival Benteke for top spot in overall terms.

    To be honest I think we're pretty much all screaming out for Lacazette, many believe he wouldn't come but I think we'd all like to see the Club at least have a go.
    If we continue our pursuit of Benteke though and factoring in last summers acquisition of Balotelli, I am starting to wonder if Brendan really does want a different sort of striker to the type we all assume he does and maybe it isn't the case that Balo and the Belgium we're/are simply the best we can get at the time...

  33. Really is a funny old game and I'm still hoping the Club will give us a 'we didn't see it coming' Lacazette shaped present over the coming weeks but yes, I thought/think Adriano (not sure if he's now signed for Milan) and Volland - maybe still an option, we're/are both worthy of our attention.

  34. That's true and could be right but when I watched some of an Inter game the other day I did think he still looked a tidy player and although we will never mention that Stoke result that actually was just a bad dream we all had:
    In the overrated stakes - Stoke are right up there vying for top spot :)

  35. *Cough*...Sterling...
    Sorry, bit of a cheap one and I wouldn't usually stoop so low but sometimes these three yarders are a difficult proposition :)

  36. We could definitely do with a new 'super keeper' and I have to agree, neither Bogdan or Mignolet are it. I don't think we will get one this summer though and do feel/hope that Mignolet is at least adequate for now and that Bogdan will prove to be a good back up.
    Going forward though, I would love to see us attain a real 'world class' keeper and I think they can have a huge impact once they reach a certain level.
    Take De Gea last season as an example: make enough saves, especially ones that were not reasonably expected and you've done that rarest of things in getting into the minds of opposing Strikers and once that happens, they then start trying too hard and subsequently miss the easiest of chances.
    Now you have all the makings of a self-fulfilling entity and as long as you keep feeding it with a smattering of unbelievable saves then this goal keeping beast you've created will just grow and grow... also, everybody now listens attentively when the beast growls.
    We need ourselves a new beastie boy.

  37. It's not the fact that is was easy and a no look goal, it's the fact that in that split second he decided to try something and almost said: "Look at my skill to beat the 'keeper, now let's just tuck this goal away and be done with it" in an almost nonchalant manner. That is the confidence that people always talk about when speaking of attacking players.

    Somebody like Markovic could easily score from three yards, but he wouldn't be showing off his brilliance and come up with that as a spur of the moment kind of thing.

  38. Slumdog Mignolet2:48 pm, July 03, 2015

    I am so not sold on him...

    If AM offered us direct swap.

    Lovren for Aderweild? What would you do...

  39. Slumdog Mignolet2:51 pm, July 03, 2015

    I agree. I actually think Allen is a good squad player.
    We value Kovacic at 16 and they value him at 21. Lets meet in the middle at 18.5, throw in lucas for 8.5 and pay 10-12. Everybody happy.

    Leaves us with money to buy Illa. Real still havent replied to our bid of 16 according to Marca...

    Firmino could be the perfect Foil in the 442 diamond alongside a striker like Benteke.

    I hate 433 mainly as it shunts our best player out wide... We played sooo well in the back 3 as we played directly through the middle.

    2 CAM and 1 striker...

    We just need to do it with a back 4.

    4321/ 4312 or Jose trusted 4231 - brings balance to our team.

  40. Buck is a deadman walking.

  41. Injuries really hampered us on the back line last season. Sakho is our best defender and without him we lacked quality and leadership. Skrtel did his best but Skrtel has and always wil be dependent on his CB partner. Lovern was awful but hopefully he can turn it around and Moreno hopefully is putting in hard work on his defensive side of the game. Hopefully Clyne settles quickly cause as you stated I think we have the making of a great defense. With young players like Illori, Flannagan, etc. i think we provide good cover in all spots and have a bright future.

  42. I'm sorry, but you don't know O'Driscoll is a yes man...

  43. Begovic is available .. why aren't we interested?

  44. I just don't see that as brilliance...

  45. I'd keep Lovren

  46. Surely Lucas and Allen can make way. I don't think Can joined expecting to be a 1st team starter, but his adaptability lead to that. Plus we have the dreaded Europa League so we need 2 starting XI's. All major teams have 2 players per position, why should we be any different? To not sign World class players who can take you up to the next level just because it might be seen as a vote of no confidence in one individual as absolutely ridiculous. Surely the club is bigger than one player?!

  47. That is exactly my point. If a player gets injured, Milner is a great player to step in. He can definitely play in the first team but should not be a guaranteed starter is my point.

  48. And we're the 8th richest team in the world so the net spend proposed for us is not out of proportion to our size especially with the increase in TV revenue.

  49. original-gideon1:20 pm, July 04, 2015

    Have you worked out the difference yet? I have and once you take player wages into account it's not the game changer everyone posting seems to think it is. No wonder everyone thinks Liverpool fans are delusion. Speaking to most people in here its fairly clear that they are.

  50. Is it just me or does everyone else not have a clue what this dude is banging on about?

  51. People shy away from the truth...and its funny when we attach sentiments to issues that need direct insights....liverpool fc needs a total overhaul!!