17 May 2015

'It's a possibility': Rodgers confirms 'outstanding' £180k-a-week superstar may sign for Liverpool on loan next season

The end is nigh: Reds legend Steven Gerrard has only ONE game left in a Liverpool shirt, but he's already revealed that he'll 'return' to the club at some point, and Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has now confirmed that the outgoing captain may be back in a red shirt sooner rather than later.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo this week, Gerrard - who currently earns £180k-a-week - noted:

"My relationship with Liverpool doesn't end though. I'll return to the club in some capacity one day"

When asked on Friday about a possible Gerrard return, Rodgers told reporters:

"A loan is something which may be a possibility further down the line, but it's way too early to look at that now."

I'm sure lots of LFC fans will look forward to the day Gerrard dons a red shirt again, but Anfield legend Dietmar Hamann is not one of them.

When asked over the weekend about the possibility, he tweeted:

"No [Gerrard should not return on loan]. I don't think it would be a good idea. Time to move on"

Whilst I understand Hamann's view, I totally disagree with it. Perhaps it's sentimentality talking, but I'd personally love to see Gerrard back at Anfield.

A few years ago, Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal with great effect, and even though I'm not a Gunners fan, it was a poignant and magic moment to see him score the winner against Leeds in the FA Cup.

Paul Scholes and Didier Drogba have also returned to Manchester United and Chelsea respectively in the past and done well, and I don't see why Gerrard can't do the same.

Hell, Drogba is 37 and still playing for Chelsea, and with modern fitness conditioning etc, Gerrard - who is naturally fit anyway - can certainly follow his example.

Gerrard should definitely return to Anfield for at least one loan spell, but he should also follow the David Beckham route and play for one or two of Europe's biggest clubs. He never got the chance to do that during his career, so he should take advantage of the opportunity now.

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Author: Jaimie K


  1. Oh my god, fell for the jamie reed bait trap again. Your articles r complete recycled tosh ... very smart with the click bait.

  2. I would like to see him in a red shirt again in the future but only for testimonials and the like.

    In truth he probably played one season too many. I think he stayed partly to help soften the effect of losing Suarez and to enable the new players to settle in. I don't think it was planned for him to play as much as he did but injuries played their part and once picked I think BR was reluctant to substitute him so he was overplayed.

    I prefer to remember him at his best and feel that because he is such an imposing figure at the club any well intentioned return as a player might disrupt the team's development and run the risk of lessening his own reputation.

  3. Couldn't agree more

  4. Agree -Lets not be silly - his time is up - if we need him on loan were even more desperate than I thought watching that shambles last night. I think we might easily finish SEVENTH in the league - Spurs will beat Everton and City have nothing to play for against Southampton = Cant see us getting anything at Stoke - too many weaklings like Sterling Lallana etc - WEREV IN A RIGHT MESS

  5. B R is a DIPLOMAT and not a MANAGER

  6. sentiment over logic is the pathway to failure,its time to move on

  7. i beg to differ hes neither

  8. its all part of rodgers master plan spend millions on trite players win nothing for 3 seasons to lull the opposition into underestimating us then win every game in his 4th season...ill have to log off now while the psych nurse gives me my medication

  9. He plays 5 matches and gets the medal.

  10. Adam Lallana was injured a lot and worn out this season. He will be a great addition to the squad next season..

  11. Completely agree.

    Gerrard has been one of the best players this club has ever known.

    However with that said, the end comes with every player and maybe if we had won the PL last season he might of retired then.

    As it is I suspect as you have mentioned because of his love of the club he stayed to help with the loss of Suarez.

  12. I was gonna say I completely agree with you Jaimie, but the you ruined it with last paragraph..

  13. Always sitting down10:56 pm, May 17, 2015

    After the game, Gerradrd pretty much said that this was his goodbye, and he won't be doing it again... I think he stated he wouldn't be back on loan,,, period.