16 May 2015

Amazing Stats: Liverpool scout 'incredible' €9m star who's already confirmed LFC transfer interest

Earlier this season, FC Cologne star Timo Horn confirmed Liverpool's interest in signing him, and with the transfer window fast approaching, the Reds appear to be monitoring the German goalkeeper ahead of a possible summer deal.

In December, the Daily Mail claimed that Horn is a 'potential signing for Liverpool', and according to new reports on Friday:

* Liverpool recently scouted the 21-year old 'stopper.

* Aston Villa and Spurs are also interested in signing Horn.

Horn is aware of Liverpool's interest, and a few months ago, he told reporters:

"While it's great when you awaken the interest of a club like Liverpool, at the moment it is not the right time for me to consider it."

Soon after, Horn's agent told Express 1:

"We have been told about those [Liverpool] rumours, but no one contacted us directly"

Cologne's vice-chairman Toni Schumacher also confirmed recently that Horn will be allowed to leave for the right price:

"We are closely controlled by our financial abilities. So when a big club comes with the right offer, we can't say 'no'."

Some info about €13.5m-rated Horn:

* 6'4 goalkeeper in his third season at FC Cologne.

* 15 clean sheets in 35 games overall this season.

* By October, he'd conceded 7 goals in 9 apps, equalling Bayern's 50 year record.

* Recently went 365 minutes without conceding a goal, and helped Cologne set a new goals-conceded record for a newly promoted team.

* Harald Schumacher's assessment: "I see a lot of myself in Timo. We always had players who could control the ball and use their pace to attack quickly, so getting the ball to them as soon as possible was always important. It’s the same for Timo and he does it superbly"

* Current contract expires in 2016 (Release clause: €9m)

Horn may be only 22, but his goalkeeping stats are excellent:

* Last season: Conceded only 20 goals in 35 games for Cologne (1 goal conceded every 1.75 games.

* Achieved 18 clean sheets along the way (over 50% of games)

* FC Cologne totals: 92 goals conceded in 105 games (0.9 goals per game)

* 45 clean sheets (43% of games)

Cologne are understandably desperate to keep hold of Horn, and in a recent interview, the club's boss, Peter Stoger, enthused:

"He [Horn] does an incredible job. I would be happy if he stays, it would be a good platform for him to develop."

Cologne are currently in debt to the tune of €25m, so if Liverpool make an attractive offer, it may be hard for the German club to refuse.

Good competition/replacement for Mignolet?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Very interesting suggestion which is hard to neglect.

  2. One of many excellent German keepers, I think the Bundesliga is the place to go whilst most of the big teams are looking towards Spain we could grab a bargain

  3. This seems like the kind of signing that is plausible and would improve the team immediately. Given Thursday night games we could play Horn in Europa league to start with, then who knows

  4. Seems an exciting prospect but will he be a stand out goalkeeper compared to the big boys ;-)

    Does he have a nickname? (innocent face)

  5. He's pretty magnificent at full stretch. Though his form can go up and down a bit, depending on his mood.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOIYOqr3aLM

  7. I also heard that he tends to come for crosses when he really shouldn't

  8. Great post thanks - just reminds you what we're losing.;-(

  9. He needs to learn control.

    Clearly he hasn't heard of the famous Stuart C method of picturing a naked Ann Widdecombe ;-)

  10. Doesn't even need to be naked. In fact it's better not to go that far unless you want the effect to be permanent. But thanks for that image which I now can't erase ;-/

  11. This guy's videos are the best, thanks for posting, CV.

  12. Stan Dinaround1:29 pm, May 16, 2015

    Good GK, never be De Gea, but good GK.

  13. Stan Dinaround1:30 pm, May 16, 2015

    Bring out Proffesor Ming to teach him what to do....

  14. Stan Dinaround1:31 pm, May 16, 2015

    Oh come on! it's too early in the day for that imagery.....I haven't even had my breakfast yet...

  15. Germans and Belgians make the best keepers, plus Klopp already knows him. Good idea

  16. At least he comes for crosses...

  17. It's gonna be tough to watch todays game, sounds daft but I almost thought of not doing, of course I will though but It's a goodbye I don't really want to happen.
    You can't replace the irreplaceable but for me another reason why the Club needs to get us a signing of note pretty soon and avoid a real post Gerrard hangover.

  18. But can he keep it up for 90+ minutes?

  19. Stan Dinaround4:23 pm, May 16, 2015

    Good GK, don't think he's the next De Gea, but a good GK non the less...

  20. Stan Dinaround4:33 pm, May 16, 2015

    Good GK, Never be as good as De Gea, but a good GK non the less.

  21. Stan Dinaround4:43 pm, May 16, 2015

    Barthez, Buffon, Casillas...

  22. Barthez? might as well throw David James in the mix while we're at it.

  23. what do you think those flying 'in Brendan Rodgers we trust' fans learn from today's match against crystal palace? lol