13 May 2015

Surprise? 58% of fans reject Liverpool plan to sign 'world-class' £30m goal-machine

Last week, Anfield legend John Aldridge urged Liverpool to break the bank and sign 'world-class' Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke this summer, but what do Reds fans think about that possibility?

Aston Villa allegedly want £30m for Benteke, and according to Aldo, he's worth every penny.

In a recent column for Sunday World, Aldo urged Liverpool to 'pay whatever it takes to lure Benteke to Anfield', and added:

"He [Benteke] is a proven performer and a real handful leading the line. He might not be a typical Rodgers type of player, but I think he would be great for Liverpool"

Liverpool fans clearly don't see it that way, though. Earlier this month, I ran a poll on the site asking fans if LFC should sign Benteke:

* 58% of participants voted NO to Benteke signing for Liverpool.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 21.35.45_zpsoq8eat8l.png

Given Benteke's imperious goal record against Liverpool, this is a surprising result in some ways, but it (arguably) shows that fans are sick of seeing the club pay over the odds for average-to-good Premier League players.

Granted, Benteke is a cut above that, but £30m is way too much for a player who's suffered injury problems and inconsistent form for most of the last two seasons. Additionally:

* Since the appointment of Tim Sherwood, Benteke has smashed in 12 goals/assists in 9 games, but prior that, he contributed a meagre 3 goals/2 assists in 20 games.

* Last season, he grabbed 11 goals in 26 appearances, which isn't that great, either.

* Spending big money on the back of short-term purple patch is not (IMO) the best transfer strategy. Benteke is doing well now, but once the Sherwood effect runs out, will he still score at the same rate?

Given Sturridge's abject unreliability, Liverpool cannot afford to have another striker who's susceptible to injury. There's always the possibility that Benteke won't get injured again for another 3-4 years, but is that a risk Liverpool should take?

On the plus side, Benteke's current form seems to suggest that Paul Lambert wasn't getting the best out of him, and with his (mostly) excellent man-management skills, Brendan Rodgers' is probably capable of getting the Belgian firing on all cylinders.

For £18m-£20m, Benteke is worth a shout, but anything higher than that? Forget it.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. So this 58percent don't want another striker ? We cant attract anybody else to lead the front line, So who do they want (more kids)? He is a hand full more so than Sturridge who is hardly there, So if that 58P/Cent want a better striker they should club in and buy one and fork out for there wages.

  2. Doesn't really matter anyway as Benteke won't be leaving. Sherwood has plans of building around him, plus the possibility of new owners will give Sherwood a chance to spend in addition.

  3. Maybe but that does not mean that he would not give up the chance to play for Liverpool.

  4. So how many people answered the poll? I know for sure he would be great addition, with an improved markovic next to him and cout playing right behind them (with raheem having been sold). Cout needs help though, he can't handle the AM role for himself, wonder who BR has in mind.

  5. Probably another unproven or another kid.

  6. With no CL most quality players would not want to join us. Only young players looking to shine in a struggling team then bag lucrative contracts with the big boys barca-esque, and BR would gladly bring them in. I miss the days when we had a coach who could get the likes of mascerano, xavi alonso, and torres.

  7. Stan Dinaround2:18 am, May 13, 2015

    I could take him or leave him, but I'd rather he was on our team than lining up against....£30m is a joke though.

  8. Not everybody would agree to bring Rafa back would they ?

  9. Stan Dinaround2:21 am, May 13, 2015

    Not what the poll was though was it, it was about Benteke, not a striker full stop.....Ican think of numerous strikers as good and better that would cost less, or is it now a case of buy anyone, as long as we get someone mentality... After all, served us well with a certain Italain we purchased last summer.

  10. I agree, I recon he wouldn't cost that much.

  11. why were buying Ings i dont know. were a dumb club who complains but dont learn from our mistakes. wasted £80M in total on Aspas, Borini, Carrol, Lambert and Balotelli, instead of targeting proven quality.

    we already lost one of our greatest leaders and greatest players in Suarez, now were going to lose Stevie, we really need some leaders and proven quality this summer.

    Yevhen Konoplyanka - LW - 26 - FREE AGENT
    Aleksander Kolarov - LB - 29 - FREE AGENT
    Andre Ayew - CM - 25 - FREE AGENT
    Pedro Rodriguez - RW - 28 - £25M
    Son Heung Min - LW - 23 - £15M
    Pierre Erick-Aubemayang - ST - 25 - £20M
    Kieran Trippier - RB - 24 - £5M

    as you can see £60M was dedicated to replace the goals were missing in Pedro, Son Heung Min and Aubemayang. 39 goals/15 assists between Aubamayang and Son Heung Min, both in champions league as well and Pedro has 11 goals/7 assists for Barcelona despite being back-up. Son Heung Min is better than Memphis Depay. he is same age basically, from a smaller country and has scored goals in Champions league and goals for fun in Bundesliga. whilst Depay is talented, it is the dutch league. Son Heung Min is proven in one of the top leagues and cheaper than £25M.

    sell Sterling, Borini, Aspas, Lambert, Balotelli for £70M.

    -----Pedro---------------------Coutinho----------------Son-Heung Min

    subs Origi, Sturridge(if fit), Lallana, Konoplyanka, Can

    these players are all suited to LFC game, Ayew is experienced at internaritional level, CL and domestic level and is far better than Joe Allen, who is a United fan. Ayew is a self confessed LFC fan and we need player fans who will fight like Gerrard. Konoplyanka another LFC fan and experienced at all levels also. Kolarov is champion with City and experienced leader and also set piece taker. with the pace, quality and proven end product around Coutinho he can finally begin to have David Silva and Mesut Ozil stats.

    get these players even though i doubt. we end up with Ings and Milner

  12. we should convince Pedro we want to go for the title, would like to make him our captain and give him Stevie Gs 150k wages. he would sign if we show desire and smash our wage budget. the rest will all follow, Pedro a true winner and with another Legendary treble on the way he is truly a great and it could be crucial to get him at his peak.

    Kevin Price Boateng is a free agent and if we can get him and Ayew, the ghananain pair, that is crucial experience.

  13. Not surprising at all, particularly considering the quoted price, and that he would not fit BR's style of play. I was ragging on Charlie Austin on here yesterday, and tbf, his stats match up with Benteke's for the season. I think Benteke has more quality in his locker, and by no means am advocating for Austin...just trying to make a point.

    Again, there are so many better options available on the continent as highlighted by almost every other post on here...hopefully it's Benteke's agent that is fueling all this speculation, and we really aren't interested, but based on our track record of overpaying for PL players, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some truth to it.

  14. he may b want to play for liverpool like many other player but not for rodgers.

  15. Benteke clearly doesnt suit Liverpools style he is inconsistent and gets injured often which is why we will probably fork out top dollar.

  16. You say that there are better strikers cheaper yes but who would come to us the way we are ? and the story was about Benteke who is a striker.

  17. Don't want another striker?

    How about don't want another 30m spent on an injury prone, mid table player who has only started scoring in the past few games under a new manager.

    Why not spend 15m on Vietto and just be done with it?

  18. You seem to change your opinion every week

  19. No need him since we got origi and maybe ings, its better get another experience striker such as carlos bacca or luiz adriano more cheaper also get another attacking midfielder like douglas costa

  20. Ayew is not a cM. if we both think of the Marselle one, a winger..

  21. Swap for Balo 😄

  22. Lacazette and Vietto

  23. The vote against Benteke is completely hosed! He is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Balo and Lambert. He is also tons more skilled than many big forwards; not an Andy Carroll one dimensional header-only type. He can run and finish which our current 'strike force' I use the term loosely. Get him and a couple of fast footed, relentless workrate buzzing bees who can actual FINISH and get themselves in position more often than not. If our front office, at one of the most iconic teams in the world, then people need to get fired no questions asked....

  24. Hot an cold had a good patch but not consistent enough also not the kind of striker that we need

  25. The only Pool fan that actually sees what Benteke can do! A brilliant striker worth £40M in todays market. Not comparable to neither Balotelli or Carrol, but an all round terrific striker.

  26. Good player, but like Balotelli he needs the team to be built around him to fire on all cylinders and he doesn't yet have the track record of an Ibrahimovic or Aguero to justify that in a team that aims to win the Champions - which I hope we still are.

  27. That is an extremely decent list. We could swap one of the wingers for another midfield enforcer, but one that has a bit of playmaking skill, like Javi Martinez (don't laugh; he's not overjoyed with his current role at Bayern) or Illaramendi.

  28. Think you need to double those ridiculously low valuations of Benteke! And not being in the County means Liverpool have no chance of getting him

  29. If you can get Lacazette and Vietto to join Liverpool ,I will eat my hat !

  30. They will really be good additions hey. Pity we have our Ian Ayre to fly and do the negotiations.

  31. so are the cheaper versions... Hence the statement referring to strikers...... Paco Alcacer would be cheaper, Hell, Higuian would be cheaper than Benteke.....Played in a WC final aswell....

  32. I cant. Brodge cant. Klopp can

  33. Don't mind paying over the odds this window for the right player but for me that's not Benteke.
    If we complete the deal for Ings, that seems sensible and as well as Origi gives us a couple of, hopefully, value for money players with at least one growing to be as good or better than Benteke.
    Any other money desperately needs to go towards the all-round finished (fits LFC mould) article, such as Lacazette and I feel Benteke would be a halfway measure and wasted funds.